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“The only white guy that’s ever brought a tear to my eye…he was that good.” Rod Stewart

Frankie Miller…That’s Who! collects together the seven studio albums that Frankie recorded for Chrysalis Records between 1973 and 1980.

Having collaborated with, or had his songs covered by, artists as diverse as Thin Lizzy, UFO, Robin Trower, Ray Charles, The Eagles, Bob Seger and Cher, among many others, this versatile singer and songwriter has successfully applied himself to everything from soul and blues, to hard rock and country, all with equal aplomb.

This collection kicks off with his 1973 debut, Once In A Blue Moon, an album that firmly established the Glaswegian’s songwriting and singing credentials, ably backed by Brinsley Schwarz.  

His 1974 follow up, High Life, was apparently remixed and released by Chrysalis without Frankie, or producer Allen Toussaint’s consent; this four disc set includes the whole of the previously unreleased original mix, available for the first time.

1975’s The Rock, inspired by Alcatraz prison close to where the album was recorded in San Francisco, was produced by Elliot Mazer, famed for his work with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, among others. The album features two of his best know tracks, ‘A Fool In Love’ and ‘Ain’t Got No Money’.

1977’s Full House was produced by Chris Thomas (Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd), and features his singular take on John Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’, as well as songs with long term collaborators Robin Trower and Free’s Andy Fraser.

With Jack Douglas at the helm, the harder rock of 1978’s Double Trouble, should come as no surprise, not least for a guest appearance from Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler, as well as a fruitful writing partnership with Paul Carrack (Ace, Squeeze & Mike + The Mechanics).

1979’s Falling In Love (titled A Perfect Fit for its American release) features Frankie’s biggest hit single, ‘Darlin’’, as well as his buoyant cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’.

1980’s Easy Money was his last long player for Chrysalis, bringing this set to a close.

Also included, available on CD for the first time, are single edits for ‘Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever’ and ‘I’m Old Enough’, and ends with his version of Randy Newman’s ‘Sail Away’.


Frankie Miller…That’s Who! The Complete Chrysalis Recordings (1973-1980)

Disc One

Once In A Blue Moon (1973)

  • 1. You Don’t Need To Laugh
  • 2. I Can’t Change It
  • 3. Candlelight Sonata in F Major
  • 4. Ann Eliza Jane
  • 5. It’s All Over
  • 6. In No Resistance
  • 7. After All (Live My Life)
  • 8. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
  • 9. Mail Box
  • 10. I’m Ready

High Life (1974)

  • 11. High Life
  • 12. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
  • 13. Trouble
  • 14. A Fool
  • 15. Little Angel
  • 16. With You In Mind
  • 17. The Devil Gun
  • 18. I’ll Take a Melody
  • 19. Just A Song
  • 20. Shoo-Rah
  • 21. I’m Falling In Love Again
  • 22. With You in Mind

Disc Two

High Life (Original Mix – Previously Unreleased)

  • 1. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
  • 2. Trouble
  • 3. Little Angel
  • 4. With You In Mind
  • 5. I’ll Take A Melody
  • 6. High Life (Filler)
  • 7. Shoorah Shoorah
  • 8. Devil’s Gun
  • 9. A Day In The Life Of A Fool
  • 10. I’m Falling In Love Again
  • 11. Just A Song

The Rock (1975)

  • 12. A Fool in Love
  • 13. The Heartbreak
  • 14. The Rock
  • 15. I Know Why the Sun Don’t Shine
  • 16. Hard on the Levee
  • 17. Ain’t Got No Money
  • 18. All My Love To You
  • 19. I’m Old Enough
  • 20. Bridgeton
  • 21. Drunken Nights in the City

Disc Three

  • 1. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (single A side 1976 – previously unavailable on CD)
  • 2. I’m Old Enough (single edit B side 1976 – previously unavailable on CD)

Full House (1977)

  • 3. Be Good To Yourself
  • 4. The Doodle Song
  • 5. Jealous Guy
  • 6. Searching
  • 7. Love Letters
  • 8. Take Good Care of Yourself
  • 9. Down the Honky Tonk
  • 10. This Love of Mine
  • 11. Let the Candlelight Shine
  • 12. (I’ll Never) Live in Vain

Double Trouble (1978)

  • 13. Have You Seen Me Lately Joan
  • 14. Double Heart Trouble
  • 15. The Train
  • 16. You’ll Be In My Mind
  • 17. Good Time Love
  • 18. Love Waves
  • 19. (I Can’t) Break Away
  • 20. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
  • 21. Love Is All Around
  • 22. Goodnight Sweetheart

Disc Four

Falling In Love (1979)

  • 1. When I’m Away From You
  • 2. Is This Love
  • 3. If I Can Love Somebody
  • 4. Darlin’
  • 5. And It’s Your Love
  • 6. A Woman To Love
  • 7. Falling In Love With You
  • 8. Every Time A Teardrop Falls
  • 9. Papa Don’t Know
  • 10. Good To See You
  • 11. Something About You

Easy Money (1980)

  • 12. Easy Money
  • 13. The Woman In You
  • 14. Why Don’t You Spend The Night
  • 15. So Young, So Young
  • 16. Forget About Me
  • 17. Heartbreak Radio
  • 18. Cheap… Thrills
  • 19. No Chance
  • 20. Gimme Love
  • 21. Tears
  • 22. Sail Away (EP B side 1977– previously unavailable on CD)

Visit the Townsend Records website for more information.

Visit Frankie’s MySpace page or the ‘Frankie Millers Bottle of Whisky’ Facebook page for more information.

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