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Friday Fun – Delayed April Fool!

“I Felt Stupid” – The Drums

i felt so stupid
you were standing there.
you were combing your hair so unaware
i felt so silly
you couldn’t see me.
i know you love your family
i’m sure you love your family
but come stay with me, stay with me.

i don’t know if it’s right or wrong but come stay with me
i want to hear the beat of your heart.
if it’s good or bad come be with me
and i’ll give you the key to my heart

your arms around me
seemed to be the only good thing that ever happened to me
we can take a walk now down to the beach
the sun will be shining when we’re finally free


and how’ve i lived my life too selfishly baby? (x 6)

chorus (x 2)

and how’ve i lived my life too selfishly baby?

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