Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich was born on this day of September back in 1917, he was without doubt one of the greatest drummers to walk the planet.

He did, like many a genius, have a bit of a temper!

Here is his version of a Simon & Garfunkel classic.

“Keep The Customer Satisfied” – The Buddy Rich Big Band

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The Runaways (Update)

My posting on The Runaways from 29th December (see HERE) has now reached 38,083 hits therefore I thought an update was the order of the day.

Joan Jett has released a Greatest Hits album to cash in on the movie of “The Runaways” as well as her post Runaways solo hits she has re-recorded some Runaway songs, here is the classic “Cherry Bomb”

Bonus Track

“School Days” – Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

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To buy the music of The Runaways click HERE

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John Mellencamp – No Better Than This

I have often through the years dropped into the music of John (Cougar) Mellencamp and as such I was intrigued to read about his new album “No Better Than This” produced unsurprisingly by T-Bone Burnett, which is a return to basics to the extent of recording in mono and in iconic locations such as the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia, which as its name suggests was the very first black church in America; Room 404 at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, where hardwood flooring was temporarily relaid over the carpet to acquire similar acoustics to those prevailing when Robert Johnson laid down his first historic recordings there; and Sun Studio in Memphis, location of a thousand magical moments, where Burnett’s band set up according to floor markings determined decades earlier by Sam Phillips for optimal sound quality.

But it’s the material recorded at Sun Studio that forms the bulk of the album, and traverses the widest range of emotions, from the jaunty rockabilly of “No One Cares about Me” and the title-track, driven along like a horse-drawn buggy by the slap of David Roe’s string bass and Jay Bellerose’s sit-up-and-beg drum groove, to the suicidal despair of “A Graceful Fall”

“A Graceful Fall” – John Mellencamp

It’s not a graceful fall
From dreams to the truth
There’s not a lotta hope here
If you got nothing to lose
When your vision’s no good
When you’re flat on the ground
Yeah the future’s not bright
When you’re falling down

‘Cause I’m sick of life
Yeah it’s easy to do
When everything so hard
Has been handed to you
Yeah I’m sick of life
‘Cause it’s lost its fun
I’ll see you in the next world
If there is really one

Well I’m not falling up the ladder
I’m just putting in my days
My pockets are empty
And my aces won’t play
Yeah I’m movin’ down the street
And I’m going nowhere
It’s not a graceful fall
When you don’t care

‘Cause I’m sick of life
And it’s easy to do
When everything so hard
Has been handed to you
‘Cause I’m sick of life
And it’s lost its fun
I’ll see you in the next world
If there is really one
Yeah, I’m sick of life
‘Cause I’m falling down
I’ll see you in the next world
If you’re still around

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Neil Young – Le Noise (Update)

The new Neil Young album Le Noise, was released yesterday.  Young and producer Daniel Lanois recorded the album in a Los Angeles mansion earlier this year. 

An angry folk album at heart, it braces Young’s stalwart folk-rock songs against a barrage of whirligig sounds usually better suited to emerging electro bands from Brooklyn.

Some though may find this unlistenable whilst others may regard it as another classic epic such is how Young’s music can divide the positive is that he can never be described as boring or even conventional.

Thus the songs and the recording process have some of Neil’s usual weirdness: He only recorded on nights when there was a full moon and brought out his big white electric Gretsch guitar, which was used to record some of his most famous records in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

In summary Le Noise demands more effort than some listeners might be willing to put in, but at its best, it repays that effort pretty handsomely. In that sense at least, it pretty much sums up Neil Young’s entire career.

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Black Country Communion

Black Country Communion, originally Black Country until copyright issues forced the addition of Communion, are an English-American rock supergroup featuring Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian, and Joe Bonamassa.

The band was originally conceived during a concert being held for Guitar Center in November 2009. Joe Bonamassa, who was performing, was asked by Guitar Center to invite several friends along, one of which was former Trapeze and Deep Purple singer/bassist Glenn Hughes. Hughes joined Bonamassa for several songs on stage, which was noticed by renowned producer Kevin Shirley, who had worked with Bonamassa before, on several of his solo albums.

Shirley approached Hughes and Bonamassa with the concept of making a studio album under a band moniker. Not long afterwards, drummer Jason Bonham was recruited into the band by Shirley. The concept of a power trio didn’t satisfy Bonamassa however, so Derek Sherinian, formerly of Dream Theater and Billy Idol’s backing band was asked to join.

Their debut album “Black Country” is now on release with the title track below for your enjoyment.

“Black Country” – Black Country Communion

Nice bass intro followed by Deep Purple/Rainbow/Led Zeppelin by numbers which ain’t neccesarily a bad thing, however, if I want to listen to classic rock then it’s back to the 70’s and the albums of my youth for me.

To buy the music of Black Country Communion click HERE

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Elliott Smith

One of Elliott Smith’s most celebrated tracks is set to be unearthed as a new single.

Elliott Smith lived a short, tragic but ultimately hugely productive life. Musical from a young age, the singer rejected the post-grunge boom in underground rock music for something more intimate.

Armed with his acoustic guitar, Elliott Smith’s whispered vocals would be overdubbed to produce a ghostly choral effect. The songwriting, too, was quite different intruding upon the singer’s personal problems.

Enduring mental health issues throughout his short life, Elliott Smith battled depression and anxiety. Sometimes succumbing to periods of intense paranoia, these issues seep through his slim back catalogue.

A powerful songwriter, Elliott Smith’s output contains some of the most influential songwriting of his generation. Inspiring a generation of acoustic stars to probe their own lives, his death in 2003 robbed the world of an enormous talent.

A new compilation on Domino is set to act as an introduction for a new generation of fans. Drawing on his back catalogue, the new collection contains no new surprises but impresses with the sheer power of Elliott Smith’s material.

Due for release on November 1st, Elliott Smith’s track ‘The Ballad Of Big Nothing’ is set to be made available as a single on the same day. The American artist’s classic track will be backed with ‘Division Day’.

Available on limited edition seven inch this is a future collector’s item for fans, as well as what will hopefully prove to be an entrance point for those unfamiliar with the work of Elliott Smith.

Elliott Smith is set to release ‘The Ballad Of Big Nothing’ / ‘Division Day’ on November 1st.


Here is one of my favourite Elliott Smith tracks from his 2004 album “From A Basement On The Hill”

“A Fond Farwell” – Elliott Smith

Here is another favourite of mine though this time performed in a cover version by Madeliene Peyroux

“Between The Bars” – Madeleine Peyroux

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Ray Davies & Co

No wonder he is scratching his head…………………

Cited as an influence by a huge range of artists, a new Davies album will see younger songwriters join forces with the British legend.

In the works for over a year, ‘See My Friends’ has been much talked about. Now a tracklisting has leaked online which contains a truly bewildering array of guest artists.

Ray Davies has hooked up with fourteen artists on the album, ranging from metal icons to darlings of the nu-folk scene. Containing new material and re-workings of classic Kinks tracks ‘See My Friends’ is an exciting yet potentially bizarre album.

According to TwentyFourBit the album will contain guest appearances from Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and more. Amongst the more bizarre propositions is an appearance from Metallica on the classic two chord cut ‘You Really Got Me’.

Elsewhere, Mumford And Sons duet with the singer on ‘Days’ while Amy MacDonald lends her vocals to ‘Dead End Street’. Re-visiting plenty of classic 60s cuts, the late Alex Chilton appears on ‘Til The End Of The Day’.

A seismic freakbeat single, the track allows Alex Chilton to recall his days as a teen scream icon with The Box Tops. Sadly dying earlier this year, the track is one of the last the Big Star icon completed.

Other guest stars include Black Francis, Spoon, Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody and a final run through of ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ featuring Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

Ray Davies is set to release ‘See My Friends’ on November 1st. Tracklisting:

‘Better Things (Featuring Bruce Springsteen)’
‘Celluloid Heroes (Featuring Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora)’
‘Days/This Time Tomorrow (Featuring Mumford & Sons)’
‘Long Way From Home (Featuring Lucinda Williams & The 88)’
‘You Really Got Me (Featuring Metallica)’
‘Lola (Featuring Paloma Faith)’
‘Waterloo Sunset (Featuring Jackson Browne)’
‘Til the End Of The Day (Featuring Alex Chilton & The 88)’
‘Dead End Street (Featuring Amy Macdonald)’
‘See My Friends (Featuring Spoon)’
‘This Is Where I Belong (Featuring Black Francis)’
‘David Watts (Featuring The 88)’
‘Tired Of Waiting (Featuring Gary Lightbody)’
‘All Day And All Of The Night/Destroyer (Featuring Billy Corgan)’


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Heart – Red Velvet Car

Heart return with their first new studio album for six years, however, those looking for a repeat of the 80’s style big hair big ballad songs can stay away.

Thankfully for me the music is closer to a return to the classic sound of their 1976 debut album “Dreamboat Annie”.

The album opens with the catchy tune “There You Go,” which will have you singing the chorus by the end of the song. The next few songs keep the rock feel and move gradually into the slower songs.

“There You Go” – Heart

“Wheels” is another song that just drives along like old style Heart.
Good as it may be you still can’t beat “Dreamboat Annie”
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The Count Bishops – Route 66

In July ’75 a band called CHROME were playing around the low key pub circuit and following an advert in Melody MakerTed Carroll decided that with a name like that they had to be the first band on Chiswick Records, Britain’s first true independant label.

A week later, accompanied by diminutive partner, Roger Armstrong, he slunk into a seedy pub in Highbury and was confronted by four mean looking characters playing Chuck Berry riffs and The Count Bishops were born.

After one disastrous recording session, where the bass player couldn’t even play “Walkin’ The Dog”, they went into Pathway Studios in August ’75 and in about 7 hours laid down 13 blistering rock and roll tracks from which, in November of that year emerged the first release on Chiswick “Speedball EP” by The Count Bishops.

“Route 66” – The Count Bishops

Not long after the band drifted away from Chiswick, for a while to a small Dutch label called Dynamite for which they recorded Taking It Easy/Train Train. Chiswick picked up the rights for this, flipped it to make Train Train the A side and released it as the label’s fifth single.

“Train Train” – The Count Bishops

At this point singer Dave Tice was drafted by drummer and fellow Australian Paul Balbi to complete the five piece line up that recorded “The Count Bishops” album. Dave overdubbed his vocals on the already recorded backing tracks and the album came out in July ’77.

During the rest of ’77 and the early part of ’78 the band gigged extensively building up a strong personal following despite being fairly unfashionable in the face of the punk publicity onslaught.

In the Spring of ’78 they recorded some live material at the Roundhouse for a projected live Chiswick artists album featuring 6 different acts. Although the projected album never got off the ground The Bishops set was so good that it warranted an album of its own. ‘The Bishops Live !’ was released later that summer in 10″and 12″form with the abbreviated name and a further personal change, Pat McMullan replacing original bass player Steve Lewins.

I still have the EP and the 10″ live album in my collection but after that release my interest in the band faded, nevertheless the were a great advert for good old Rock and Roll and R ‘n’ B.

To buy the music of The Count Bishops click HERE

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Ray Wilson & Stiltskin – Footsteps

“Walking in your footsteps
I used to walk by your side
How could you leave me
On the very edge of suicide


To buy the music of Ray Wilson click HERE

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