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Reg King (The Action)

It was only yesterday that I discovered that Reg King, front man with The Action, had passed away in October after losing his fight with cancer.

In a way, The Action were the ultimate Mod band. Mods hated commercialism, and once bands like the Small Faces became popular, they were suddenly teen stars, playing to a large screaming girl contingent. The Action packed the clubs like the best of their contemporaries, but their records never placed well. When the band played Brighton the Mods would wait on their scooters on the outskirts of town for the band’s van and then escort the group through the streets like conquering heroes.

The Action supported The Who during their Marquee residency, and subsequently headlined at the legendary venue.

The group formed in North London in 1963, and soon after backed up Sandra Barry as “The Boys.” They released one single with her, “Really Gonna Shake,” penned by Reg King, on Decca Records.

They became The Action in ’64, around the time that guitarist Pete Watson came on board. In clubs, they mostly did the Tamla Motown stuff they adored. Signed to Parlophone through AIR Studios and produced by George Martin, their early singles included a great version of “Land of a 1000 Dances”

They would continue to out-Soul their contemporaries in 1966 with “Baby You’ve Got It” and the aforementioned “Since I Lost My Baby.”

“Baby You’ve Got It” – The Action

The group apparently had their Soul chops together from the outset: they turned out a remarkable rendering of the Impression’s “I Love You (Yeah!)” in ’64, with the band matching the near-falsetto Impressions on the harmonies… and sounding great.


To buy the music of The Action click HERE

For more info on The Action visit Perfect Sound Forever

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John Lennon 30 Years Gone

John Lennon was shot dead outside his New York apartment on the night of 8 December 1980.

The 40-year-old was shot several times as he entered the Dakota, his luxury apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Mark Chapman was convicted of Lennon’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.

I remember waking up the next morning to the following BBC News Broadcast

“Working Class Hero” – John Lennon

“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” – The Beatles

“How?” – John Lennon

How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?
How can I go forward when I don’t know which way to turn?
How can I go forward into something I’m not sure of?
Oh no, oh no

How can I have feeling when I don’t know if it’s a feeling?
How can I feel something if I just don’t know how to feel?
How can I have feelings when my feelings have always been denied?
Oh no, oh no

You know life can be long
And you got to be so strong
And the world is so tough
Sometimes I feel I’ve had enough

How can I give love when I don’t know what it is I’m giving?
How can I give love when I just don’t know how to give?
How can I give love when love is something I ain’t never had?
Oh no, oh no

You know life can be long
You’ve got to be so strong
And the world she is tough
Sometimes I feel I’ve had enough

How can we go forward when we don’t know which way we’re facing?
How can we go forward when we don’t know which way to turn?
How can we go forward into something we’re not sure of?
Oh no, oh no

To buy the music of John Lennon click HERE

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George Weiss (April 9, 1921 – August 23, 2010)

During my recent sabbatical from posting I had failed to clock the news of the passing of the great songwriter George David Weiss.

He had originally planned a career as a lawyer or accountant, but his love for music led him to the Julliard School of Music where he honed his skills in writing and arranging. This experience led to writing arrangements for Stan Kenton, Vincent Lopez and Johnny Richards.

Weiss went on to write some of the most popular pop songs of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.He worked with many collaborators, but a large number of his well-known songs were written with Bennie Benjamin.

Weiss also had successful song hits with other composers. That list includes “Lullaby of Birdland” (1952, with George Shearing), and two of my favourite songs of all time “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (1961, with Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore, recorded by Elvis Presley), “What A Wonderful World” (1967, with Bob Thiele, recorded by Louis Armstrong).

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” – Elvis Presley

To buy the music of Elvis Presley click HERE

“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong

To buy the music of Louis Armstrong click HERE

For a full obituary from The Scotsman click HERE

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Harry Carpenter

Just heard the sad news about the passing of Harry Carpenter on Saturday. I have never been a big fan of boxing but “Harry” was without doubt the voice of the sport in the UK.

Carpenter was the BBC’s voice of boxing for almost half a century after joining the corporation in 1949, when he first began commentating on the sport.

Known for his double act with British boxing great Frank Bruno, Carpenter also presented Sportsnight, Grandstand and Sports Personality of the Year.

He retired in 1994 and died in his sleep at King’s College Hospital in London in the early hours of Saturday.

His lawyer David Wills said: “He had been unwell since last summer when he had a minor heart attack.

“The funeral has not been arranged but will be a family funeral, to be followed by a memorial service in London.”

Carpenter became closely identified with Frank Bruno, whose catchphrase “know what I mean, ‘arry?” featured in their post-fight interviews.

The former world heavyweight champion, 48, was said to be “very upset and shocked” by the death.

“The most exciting time was probably the Tyson fight when even Harry Carpenter, who was quite a cool man, sort of lost his cool,” the spokesman added.

Carpenter was on air for the “Rumble in the Jungle” between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1974.

He labelled the end of the contest – underdog Ali won by knockout in the eighth round to reclaim the world heavyweight crown at the age of 32 – as “the most extraordinary few seconds that I have ever seen in a boxing ring”.

Of Ali himself, Carpenter said: “He is not only the most remarkable sports personality I have ever met, he is the most remarkable man I have ever met.”

Carpenter also had the privilege of presenting Ali with the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Century award in 1999.

His immediately recognisable, warm broadcasting style earned him plaudits outside the United Kingdom, too.

In 1989, he received American Sportscasters’ Association and International Sportscaster of the Year awards.

He will be greatly missed.

For a full tribute visit the BBC page HERE

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The Ledge


The Ledge Experience

The Ledge brings an exhilarating new experience to the Skydeck. At 1,353 feet up, The Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the skyscraper’s Skydeck on the 103rd floor, providing never-before-seen views of the city. An unmatched view is not all the Skydeck offers. From the moment visitors arrive they enjoy interactive and educational attractions that not only highlight the iconic landmark, but also celebrate Chicago’s sports, architecture, pop-culture, history, food, music and people.


For more information visit

From The Ledge to The Edge…………………

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Odetta (Sad Update)

Odetta, famed African-American folk singer, songwriter, actress, and activist, passed away in New York City at the age of 77 on 2nd December. Beloved by everyone from Maya Angelou to Bob Dylan to Martin Luther King, Jr. Born in Birmingham and raised in Los Angeles, she began her career in musicals before heading up to San Francisco and falling in with the folk crowd, mixing it up with Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. She was signed to Vanguard Records, which was home to darn-near everybody who was anybody in the folk scene at the time. It’s important to keep in mind that “folk music” of that time was more than just people singing sad songs on acoustic guitars. It was more of a movement than a sound, and it tied directly into the social movements of the time, of which Odetta was an active participant. It was also more than a little non-white, led by artists like Harry Belafonte and Odetta. In fact, MLK himself called Odetta the “The Queen of American Folk Music.”

Odetta did some acting, too, and some funkier stuff in the late ’60s and early ’70s (see above). She continued touring until, well, until just a few months ago, when her health finally kept her off the road for good. She was even slated to perform at Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony! She received the National Medal of Arts, she was a Kennedy Center honoree, and Congress bestowed its Living Legend Award on her.

Odetta Holmes dies at 77; folk singer championed black history, civil rights [LA Times]
This post is from

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Bruce Springsteen – Working On A Dream


Bruce Springsteen releases his twenty-fourth album ‘Working On A Dream’ on January 27 2009, which was recorded with the E Street Band.

The songwriter recorded and mixed the songs at Southern Tracks in Atlanta (as well as additional studio time in LA, NY and NJ) and the LP includes 12 songs, plus two bonus tracks – full tracklisting is further down the page.

Speaking of the album, Bruce Springsteen says: ‘Towards the end of recording [last album] ‘Magic,’ excited by the return to pop production sounds, I continued writing. When my friend producer Brendan O’Brien heard the new songs, he said, ‘Let’s keep going.'”

“Over the course of the next year, that’s just what we did, recording with the E Street Band during the breaks on last year’s tour. All the songs were written quickly, we usually used one of our first few takes, and we all had a blast making this one from beginning to end.”

Working on a Dream Tracklisting:

1. Outlaw Pete
2. My Lucky Day
3. Working on a Dream
4. Queen of the Supermarket
5. What Love Can Do
6. This Life
7. Good Eye
8. Tomorrow Never Knows
9. Life Itself
10. Kingdom of Days
11. Surprise, Surprise
12. The Last Carnival

Bonus tracks:

The Wrestler
A Night with the Jersey Devil


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Neil Young Archives Vol 1


After more than 20 years, the first volume of Young’s career-spanning box set is finally coming out. The 10-disc set (available in Blu-ray for $432 or DVD for $345, and eventually in CD and download formats) is built around an interactive timeline that allows users to access hundreds of hours of audio and video, ranging from Young’s high school band through 1972’s Harvest. “There’s photos, there’s original lyrics, there’s all the materials that make up a career,” says Larry Johnson, the set’s producer. So when is Vol. 2 due? “Now that we’ve done the format,” says Young, “it’ll be quicker.”


Check out the great An Aquarium Drunkard for more info and some great downloads.

In the meantime here is a version of “Powderfinger” from the postponed 1977 album Chrome Dreams which may appear and a current favourite of mime “A Man Needs A Maid”



A Man Needs A Maid

Aye but how many people will be able to afford it and how many people will be satisfied with the chosen format……not me for one on either score

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Top of the Pops back For Christmas


The BBC has had a change of heart about axeing the Christmas Top Of The Pops by announcing a double bill over the festive period.

As well as the traditional hour-long Christmas Day edition, BBC1 will also show – for the first time – a New Year’s Eve edition of the programme. The programme will give an overview of the year. Just last month the BBC said the programme would not be screened this year and would instead be replaced by episodes of the archive series TOTP2.

Jay Hunt, controller of BBC1, said: “With shows on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, Top Of The Pops has never been bigger.

“The shows will form the centrepiece of a massive musical offering during the festive season that we hope viewers are really going to enjoy.”

It’s not all good news though – Fearne Cotton will be hosting the shows. Top Of The Pops was pulled from the schedules in 2006 but the Christmas edition was allowed to live on, on their own merits, until the recent announcement that they were to be taken off air.


Now this takes me back to short trousers and the school disco (before they were made palatible via a dose of vodka in the toilets!)

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New Mojo Out Now

Great edition with superb cover mounted CD



In this issue

FREE CD: HEAVY MOD! 15 blitzing tracks from The Move, The Yardbirds, Deep Purple, The Creation, The Pretty Things, Small Faces, Aphrodite’s Child and more! This month MOJO celebrates the artists who took the ‘60s mod batton and carried it into a fierce, overdriven future. 

OASIS: “Bring it on, you little dicks! On the road and behind the scenes with the biggest band in the land, MOJO’s Pat Gilbert enters the inner sanctum of Oasis’s sold-out UK tour to discover the secret story at the heart of Dig Out Your Soul. “We’ve been to the dark side,” reveals a typically candid Noel Gallagher.

RYAN ADAMS: Trading a life propelled by drugs and booze for a reclusive existence writing poetry with a girl from Cambridge, the countrified purveyor of modern Americana tells MOJO’s Sylvie Simmons exactly how it all happened.

DEEP PURPLE: The big-haired men of mod venture back to their chaotic early years and the birth of their now-classic anthem Hush – Joe South’s country-r&b hit would never sound the same again. Even heavier territory awaited them.

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: They recorded one of the defining albums of the ‘80s then imploded under the strain. Now, back together, on form and playing live, MOJO joins Merseyside’s favourite post-punks as they revisit the fantastic voyage of Ocean Rain.

THE BEST OF 2008: Fleet Foxes, Duffy, Paul Weller, Foo Fighters, Dennis Wilson, Neil Diamond, Sigur Ros and Bill Drummond all feature in our rundown of the last 12 months in music. PLUS! MOJO’s top 50 albums of 2008! And everyone from Billy Connolly to The Edge choose the best thing they’ve heard all year.

Fire Brigade – The Move MP3

Making Time – The Creation MP3

Finaly video of The High Numbers in 1964 who would later be known (again) as The Who



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