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Currently I am reading Andy Neill’s biography of The Faces which also covers in some detail the pre Faces careers of the band taking in amongst others Small Faces, Jeff Beck Group, Steampacket, The Birds and many more it is a great read and can be bought HERE

Below is one of my favourite Faces performances.

The recorded version came via Rod Stewart’s solo album “Every Picture Tells A Story” which as everyone knows was more or less a Faces record anyway.

The song was of course originally recorded by The Temptations and was another step away from the group’s softer records recorded with Smokey Robinson as producer, a change that Norman Whitfield had begun with “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” earlier in the year.

“I’m Losing You” features a much more dramatic arrangement than most contemporary Motown songs: a rock-styled guitar riff (devised by Temptations road manager/band director Cornelius Grant), sharp horn blasts, and the Temptations’ doo-wop vocals paint the backdrop for one of David Ruffin’s trademark raspy lead vocals.


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New News – Red Faces

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water following Queen with Paul Rodgers let me present………….

The Faces are set to play the Vintage At Goodwood festival in August with Simply Red’s Mick Hucknell on vocal duties.

Now Paul Rodgers would have been a better choice here.

Original frontman Rod Stewart is not part of the set-up for the show, set to take place on August 13-15 at Sussex‘s Goodwood Estate. Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock, playing in the place of the band’s late bassist Ronnie Lane, will join original members Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan.

The band reunited last October to play London‘s Royal Albert Hall – their first gig since 1975. Wood said that because that gig went well, they were happy to take another booking for this summer.

“We got together to receive a PRS Lifetime Achievement award last year and very simply the magic was still there,” he said. “Playing with the boys again just felt right so we thought well why not? It’s exciting to be on this path again and I hope that the Faces fans are excited as we are – I’m just really looking forward to seeing them this summer – bring it on!”

Drummer Jones added: “Expect the classics and also some incredible guests when we get back on the road, it’s going to be lots of fun.”

Source :-

Here are the real Faces…………….

To buy the music of The Faces click HERE

To buy the music of Simply Red visit another site.

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Ronnie Wood


It has been lying around the house for ages but on the back of my recent posting on Rod Stewart I have finally started to read Ronnie Wood’s autobiography “Ronnie” and what a jolly good read it is.

His early years are covered quickly and you are soon drawn into his world as a guitar slinger, finally breaking through with mod group The Birds,

the birds

thereafter going on to learn and play bass with The Jeff Beck Group where he started a long term partnership with Rod Stewart


 which progressed to The Faces and the early Rod Stewart solo albums.

the faces 2

After The Faces collapsed, in part due to Rod Stewart’s chasing the dollar sign with a solo career which provided commercial success if not quality product, he finally ended up as Keith Richard’s guitar weaving aide in The Rolling Stones.

the rolling stones

Here is The Birds take on The Who’s “Run Run Run”

“Run Run Run” – The Birds

To buy the music of The Birds click HERE


Finally here is one of Ronnie’s favourite songs “I’m Walkin'” by Fats Domino famous as being one of, if not the, first songs to be “faded out” on vinyl.

“I’m Walkin'” – Fats Domino

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Rod Stewart


Your view on Rod Stewart may well be defined by your age or at worst your musical taste.

Fortunately for me I can easily dismiss the majority of his work post 1975 and enjoy some of the greatest R&B drenched rock produced by a white British male singer.

The Faces “A Nod Is As Good As A Wink….To A Blind Horse” is a classic album from 1971, though ironically my favourite track is the brilliant “Debris” which was of course written and sung by the greatness that was Ronnie Lane.

“Debris” – The Faces

two, three, four

I left you on the debris
at the Sunday morning market
you were sorting through the odds and ends
you was looking for a bargin

I heard your footsteps at the front door
and that old familiar love song
’cause you knew you’d find me waiting there
at the top of the stairs

I wouldn’t of went back
just to see how far it was
and you looked shocked to tell me
but I had to love her myself

there’s more trouble at the depot
with the general workers union
and they said they’ll never change a thing
well, they won’t fight and their not working

oh you was my hero
hell you are my good friend
I’ve been there and back
and I know how far it is

but I left you on the Debris
now we both know you got no money
and I wonder what you would have done
without me hanging around


the faces

By this time Rod embarked on his solo career with “An Old Raincoat Will Never Let You Down” (1969) and “Gasoline Alley” (1970), and over the next five years produced a string of classic albums:-

May 1971 “Every Picture Tells A Story”

July 1972 “Never A Dull Moment”

October 1974 “Smiler”

August 1975 “Atlantic Crossing”

This was the watershed for me, the title of the album said it all really and although this album retained some of the energy of the earlier releases it was much more polished and was the last we heard of the raw Rod The Mod.

He crossed the Atlantic and for me forever more became a caricature of all that was wrong with music at the time, from the hair do to the lycra the music had been taken over by the image emphasised by the string of blonde girls on his arm.

This was probably the turning point.

This week sees the release of “The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998”

The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998

Fortunately thanks to iTunes I was able to cherry pick the tracks that I wanted and surprisingly, especially to me, a couple of the better tracks are in fact stripped down versions of songs from some of the latter albums which I have dismissed above which with some rough and ready versions of earlier album tracks and a couple of cover versions amounted to £8 well spent.

Here is a great version of a Isley Brothers 1966 hit

“I Guess I’ll Always Love You” – Rod Stewart

“You’re In My Heart” – Rod Stewart

I didn’t know what day it was
When you walked into the room
I said hello unnoticed
You said goodbye too soon

Breezing through the clientele
Spinning yarns that were so lyrical
I really must confess right here
The attraction was purely physical

I took all those habits of yours
That in the beginning were hard to accept
Your fashion sense, beardsly prints
I put down to experience

The big bosomed lady with the dutch accent
Who tried to change my point of view
Her ad lib lines were well rehearsed
But my heart cried out for you


You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul
You’ll be my breath should i grow old
You are my lover, you’re my best friend
You’re in my soul

My love for you is immeasurable
My respect for you immense
You’re ageless, timeless, lace and fineness
You’re beauty and elegance

You’re a rhapsody, a comedy
You’re a symphony and a play
You’re every love song ever written
But honey what do you see in me


You’re an essay in glamour
Please pardon the grammar
But you’re every schoolboy’s dream
You’re celtic, united, but baby i’ve decided
You’re the best team i’ve ever seen

And there have been many affairs
Many times i’ve thought to leave
But i bite my lip and turn around
’cause you’re the warmest thing i’ve ever found


Finally here is perhaps his best known song……..before it had a title!

“Maggie May” – Rod Stewart


 To buy the music of Rod Stewart (and The Faces) click HERE

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The Faces


Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Flea has joined the reunited Faces to help the group complete their first album in over three decades.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror at the South Bank Awards earlier this week, Ronnie Wood has confirmed that the RHCP’s bassist will join The Faces for their reunion tour, and that they have completed their first album since ‘Ooh La La’ was released in 1973.

Wood also revealed that the new material was written during a trip abroad he and Rod Stewart took over Christmas.

The Mirror reports that Wood and the band’s frontman Rod Stewart visited Costa Rica, Bermuda and Miami to get inspiration, and then wrote the album’s songs in three days.


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Return of The Faces


Rod Stewart has announced that Ronnie Wood and the rest of the Faces are finally to regroup in the studio next week (November 17).

Speaking to at a 10th Anniversary party for Claridges Bar, Faces singer Stewart confirmed the reunion, and that the band will start with a run though of their back catalogue next week with his own touring bassist filling in for the late Ronnie Lane.

Raysgigs news post reads: “I asked him whats the latest news about a Faces reunion??.The answer is a total exclusive to this website.This Monday Rod is meeting up with Ronnie Wood and the others in the studio for their first rehearsal. Just to check if they can remember the songs. They will use Rod’s current tour bass player as Ronnie Lane has sadly passed away.”

The original Faces lineup comprised Stewart, Wood, Ian McLagan, Kenney Jones and the late Ronnie Lane.

Stewart and keyboard player Ian McLagan has both previously discussed the possibility of a Faces reunion, with the idea that they would play one or two shows and record some new material.

The band originally formed in 1969 and released four studio albums between 1970 and 1973, which included the hits ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Ooh La La’.

The Faces split up in 1975 after Wood began playing with The Rolling Stones.

For more music and film news click here


“Stay With Me” – The Faces MP3

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