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Tonight Scotland face Holland in a do or die match where only a win will do, so for some inspiration let’s again remember our greatest (yet) moment against them.

Now on the subject of “Heroes” I should have posted about the “Helensburgh Heroes” weeks ago, but as you all know for awhile I had lost my mojo, anyway Helensburgh Heroes are a charity aimed at promoting regeneration through the arts, culture and heritage.

For more information on the charity click HERE

You can now buy the ‘Heroes’ single by The Helensburgh Heroes Experience.

helensburgh heroes

The single was produced and recorded by 100 local Helensburgh & Lomond residents, ages 7 to 70, in an attempt to raise awareness of both the talented men and woman, past and present, that have hailed from the area and to provide funding for a potential arts/leisure facility for the area. All proceeds from the sale of the single will be used by the Helensburgh Heroes Charity to further its goals and aims.

“Heroes” – The Helensburgh Heroes Experience.

To buy the single or download the single click HERE

I am sure it would sell even more copies if it had Big Rab’s mouthie on it!

In the meantime here is Bowie’s iconic performance of the song at Live Aid

Finally if the football becomes too much to behold try this Bowie Anorak!

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We Had A Dream


We Had A Dream nae make that a NIGHTMARE

Oh no we won’t!

Beam Me Up Scotty

Beam Me Up Scotty

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Club v Country

Here we are another international weekend and nae real fitba.

First up then for everyone out there who need their DFC fix….name these players.

On to matters of national importance I understand that the Tartan Army are once again re-recording a Scotland squad record for the benefit of Children In Need, at half time today the crowd will be “singing” We Have A Dream originally released in 1982 the single will be released next month by which time I hope we still have an interest in the core business of qualifying for 2010.

Here is the original in all it’s John Gordon Sinclair glory

“We Have A Dream” – Scotland World Cup Squad 1982 [MP3}


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Here We Go (again)

Off down to the pub in Ballater for the game this time last year we beat France away I can’t see tonight being as much fun

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