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fairport convention

I am currently reading a biography of Nick Drake and I was surprised at how much of an influence Fairport Convention had on him both as a musician and in getting him a recording contract.

liege and leaf

My first encounter with Fairport Convention was in first year at the “big school” where a young woman music teacher tried to brainwash us all into becoming fans by constantly trying to have us recreate songs from the above 1969 album with the use of triangles and chime bars!

Needless to say at the time she was not successful as I had only just graduated from the likes of Slade, T-Rex etc to “real” music like Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash and Rory Gallagher.

“Matty Groves” – Fairport Convention.


I did eventually buy a Fairport Convention collection as I had by then grown to love the voice of Sandy Denny.

sandy denny

I was sold on “The History Of Fairport Convention” not only on the basis of the tracks compiled therein but also my the brilliant cover which was a Fairport Convention edition of the famous Pete Frame Rock Family Tree’s series which were regular article in “Sounds” the weekly music newspaper of the time. 

the history of fairport convention


“Meet On The Ledge” – Fairport Convention


Another unusual aspect of the album was that a piece of ribbon was glued to the sleeve, making it look as if a royal seal had been embossed on it. Different reissues had blue ribbons, or red or green. Later reissues of the album had no ribbon, but the central seal was shown in a larger size, and the family tree was missing.


To learn more about Fairport Convention click HERE


To buy the music of Fairport Convention click HERE

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