Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Valentine Melody

“Valentine Melody” – Tim Buckley

You came to me with fire inside
Your movements and your pride
And asking to be rescued from
The pain you had become

I tore apart the prison and I hid you in my hand
In the blue light of christmas-time santa claus was kind

I wonder if you’ll ever grow
Oh far enough to throw
Away the lies of no and yes
And love my quietness

Or will you only freeze and frown and lose what you have found?
In the white light of easter seas’n will you live again?

Today the coin is in the air
And we are here and there
And where and when have caught us in
The web of violence

I pray to all the world as one that day will bring the sun
In the scarlet light of valentine’s our paper hearts are blind.

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“Valentine” – Richard Hawley

Hold me in your arms
may they keep me
sing me a lullaby cos i’m sleepy
i’m scared you don’t need me anymore

bring me to the light of the morning
and take me through this night till the dawning
oh i see a warning in your eyes

and i don’t need no valentines no no
don’t need no roses
cos they just take me back in time no no
now you’re not here

hold me tight tonight sleep will tend me
save me from lonely hours there’s so many
and i won’t get any sleep tonight

and i don’t need no valentines no no
don’t need no roses
cos they just take me back in time no no
now you’re not here anymore
not anymore

and i don’t need no valentines no no
don’t need no roses
cos they just take me back in time no no
to when you loved me only
and i won’t drink no aged wine no no

now you’re not here anymore
not anymore
not anymore
not anymore

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I’m Absolutely Hank Marvin

………………nothing to do with any lack of food merely an excuse to bring you this Richard Hawley tribute to Hank Marvin from his “Just Like The Rain” EP.

“I’m Absolutely Hank Marvin” – Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley had admired Hank from a young age and having originally written the song he decided not to use it to prevent being accused of being a Marvin copyist.

However, his manager maintained that it was worthy of recording, Richard set the manager a challenge that he would only record it with Hank playing on it as well.

After hearing the track Hank approved and did agree to contributing to the recording, however Richard didn’t get the chance to meet him as hank e-mailed his contribution from his base in Australia leaving Richard to play the lap steel element, so in reality this should have a Hawley/Marvin credit.

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Merry Christmas from HD,Tom Waits & Richard Hawley

“Silent Night” – Richard Hawley

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Richard Hawley


The great Richard Hawley has his sixth studio album released this week, “Truelove’s Gutter” is for me, after only one listen, his best yet.

With a much fuller sound resulting from the use of a wide range of guitars, unusual instruments such as the megabase and waterphone plus some delightful orchestrations, though with less of his trademark twangy guitar.

Lyrically it is steeped in a “dark dark vibe” however that just suits me fine just now.

truelove's gutter

Here is a video for one of the tracks

There are so many great tracks like the 9 min long “Remorse Code”, great song title, the almost ambient opener “As Dawn Breaks” which sounds like a true reflection of the song title and the epic 11 min closer “Don’t You Cry”, however for now at least here is my favourite:-

“Soldier On” – Richard Hawley

Last word comes coutesy of a review from

“It’s obvious the artist has put a lot of thought into the running order, kicking off with the artificial bird calls, sleepy ambience and gloomy, rain-flecked imagery of As the Dawn Breaks. The sequence from the hushed ennui of Ashes on the Fire through to Don’t Get Hung Up on Your Soul, with its haunting musical saw accompaniment, is as close to perfection as anything he’s done. Between them lies the album’s heart-beat and emotional linchpin, the brooding meditation of Remorse Code. Instantly unforgettable, it unfurls with breathtaking grace and surprising economy over nearly ten minutes, and has a lovely, understated guitar solo.

His strengths and weakness as a lyricist are laid bare by the sparse, moody atmospheres. While the warts-and-all romantic realism of For Your Lover, Give Some Time has laugh-out-loud lines and Ashes From the Fire makes clichés seem convincing, both Open Up Your Door and Soldier On are repetitious, the latter marred by a bombastic interlude that breaks the prevailing mood. {proof in the theory that music is in the ear of the beholder…this is my favourite track!}

Aside from this, it’s the sheer beauty and unity of feel that make this a more than worthy addition to the Hawley discography. Truelove’s Gutter takes risks but doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

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Here are a couple of oldies but goldies

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