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New Music – Ali Ferguson

Ali Ferguson has been for many a year a stable band mate of Ray Wilson, either in acoustic, Stiltskin or Klassik Genesis mode.

Back in 2005 he posted a demo track from his forthcoming solo album, finally the album “The Windmill And The Stars” is now with us.

Finally here he is with Ray and a cover of my favourite Pink Floyd song

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New News – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are (once again!) set to re-release remastered versions of the albums in their back catalogue with EMI later this year.

The band resolved a legal dispute with the label earlier this year and have now announced an extensive reissue campaign under the banner ‘Why Pink Floyd?’, which will start in September this year.

All 14 of their studio albums have been remastered and repackaged, and will be
released on September 26.

On the same day special and deluxe editions of their classic album ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ will be released, with both a six-disc ‘Immersion’ box set and a two-disc ‘Experience’ box set coming out. They will also be released on vinyl and in digital editions.

On November 7, meanwhile, the band’s 1975 album ‘Wish You Were Here’ will be released in the same formats as well as a new compilation, ‘A Foot In The Door: The Best Of Pink Floyd’.

Finally, on February 7 next year, their 1979 LP ‘The Wall’ will be available as ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ collections and on vinyl and digital editions.

Roger Faxon, CEO of EMI Group said: ”This is a unique collaboration between EMI and one of the most creative and influential bands in history. We have worked together for more than a year on this programme which incorporates all the elements that have made Pink Floyd one of the most inspiring forces in modern music.”

Start saving your “money” NOW!

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Lesley Duncan

Last week we lost another musical unsung hero, hopefully this post will spread the word.

Lesley Duncan (12 August 1943 – 12 March 2010) was an English singer-songwriter, best known for her work during the 1970s. She received a lot of airplay on British radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2, but never achieved great commercial success.

Duncan was born in Stockton-on-Tees. Her songs included “Everything Changes” and “Sing Children Sing”. Elton John duetted with her in a version of “Love Song” similar to his own, on his album Tumbleweed Connection.

“Love Song” – Elton John

She appeared onstage with John in a 1974 concert at the Royal Festival Hall to perform the duet once again.

The live recording of “Love Song” was included on John’s Here and There album. The version on Tumbleweed Connection remains one of the few songs composed solely by someone other than John and Bernie Taupin or one of their regular collaborators, to appear on a formal Elton John studio album.

Duncan contributed backing vocals to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album as well as singing lead on the song “If I Could Change Your Mind” on the Alan Parsons Project album Eve. As well as writing and singing her own material, Duncan was a backing vocalist in the mid to late 1960s, most notably for Dusty Springfield and the The Walker Brothers. She co-wrote three songs with Scott Walker for the Walker Brothers.

After Elton John recorded “Love Song” this landed Lesley Duncan a recording contract with CBS / Columbia Records. Producer Jimmy Horowitz gathered some of the top studio musicians in England to record on Lesley’s albums including Chris Spedding and Peter Frampton. Her first album “Sing Children Sing” included Elton John on Piano.  “Sing Children Sing”, “Love Song” and “Help Me Jesus” would all be released as singles in the US. Top tracks from this album were “Mr. Rubin”, “Love Song” and “Lullaby”. These songs would all be covered by other artist like Olivia Newton-John and Long John Baldry.

In 1972 her second album “Earth Mother” was released. Unlike the first this was not available in the US. Top tracks from this album include “Time”, “Fortieth Floor” and the title track “Earth Mother”.

Her next album was “Everything Changes”. Highlighting the album are the tracks “My Soul” , “The Serf”, “Love Melts Away” and the title track “Everything Changes”. This lead to her signing with MCA records in the US in 1976

MCA released her next two albums “Moon Bathing” (Lesley’s favourite album), which again included the help of Elton John, and in 1977 “Maybe It’s Lost”.

After low sales of these albums Lesley Duncan was back to a singles artist releasing singles in the UK which was where she started, here is an old Northern Soul track of her’s from 1965 which was the B-Side of the “Just For The Boy” single.

“See That Guy” – Lesley Duncan

The last album Lesley Duncan appeared on was the 1979 release by Alan Parsons Project called “Eve” where she sang the track “If I Could Change Your Mind”.

“Sing Children Sing” was also re-recorded as a single in 1979 with an all star cast including Kate Bush, Pete Townshend and Phil Lynott.

In 2000 her albums started to be released on CD in the UK. “Sing Children Sing” was released in 2000 followed by “Earth Mother” in 2001. 

It is often when the rest of her albums will be released on CD the original master for those albums were lost in a fire. But, copies of the master have been found and hopefully they will see CD releases.

Lesley Cox (Duncan) died in March 2010 on the Scottish Island of Mull where she lived.

A special message from Lesley’s husband…..
March 12, 2010
“This afternoon I drove to the hospital at about 2pm and on the way I got a call that Lesley’s condition had deteriorated alarmingly. When I arrived at her bedside, the nurse had put on the Sing Children Sing album playing softly in the background. I held Lesley’s hand and after about ten minutes Love Song started to play. During the song I felt one or two tremors pass through Lesley’s body and, as her lovely song ended, she passed away. It was as peaceful, I think, as death can be and a relief after her years of struggle.”
Tony Cox

Click HERE to a link to a relevant article in ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper of 20 March 2010:

To buy the music of Lesley Duncan click HERE

To buy the music of Elton John click HERE

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Pink Floyd in the Money

Pink Floyd’s former members have won their High Court battle against record label EMI in a case relating to the online sales of their songs.

A judge at the High Court in London last week ruled that the label was wrong to allow Pink Floyd songs to be sold individually on online sites like iTunes, reports BBC News.

The band had taken EMI to court over a contract negotiated in 1998 and 1999 which stipulated that their songs should not allowed to be sold individually without prior permission. Lawyers for EMI had argued that the contract did not apply to online sales, because sites like iTunes were not launched when the contract was signed.

EMI has now been ordered to pay £40,000 ($60,000) in costs, with a further fine to be decided in the future.

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Walls Come Tumbling Down



The Claw Stage Set

U2 are to play a free gig in front of the Brandenburg Gate at the Berlin Wall, Germany on November 5.

Playing as part of the ‘Fall of The Wall’ celebrations in the city, commemorating 20 years since the Berlin Wall came down, U2 will perform as part of this year’s MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) which take place in Berlin on the same day.

U2‘s manager Paul McGuinness says on the U2 website: “It’ll be an exciting spot to be in, 20 years almost to the day since the wall came down. Should be fun.”

“They’ve played some interesting places in the past but this’ll certainly be the most ambitious – and most poignant – one to date.”

To register for a pair of free tickets and for more information see the band’s official website here:

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Here is the whole U2 concert as broadcast by YouTube at the weekend.

Alternatively here are The Style Council.


“Walls Come Tumbling Down” – The Style Council

You don’t have to take this crap
You don’t have to sit back and relax
You can actually try changing it
I know we’ve always been taught to rely
Upon those in authority –
But you never know until you try
How things just might be –
If we came together so strongly

Are you gonna try to make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things can change –
YES an’ walls can come tumbling down!

Governments crack and systems fall
’cause Unity is powerful –
Lights go out – walls come tumbling down!

The competition is a colour TV
We’re on still pause with the video machine
That keep you slave to the H.P.

Until the Unity is threatend by
Those who have and who have not –
Those who are with and those who are without
And dangle jobs like a donkey’s carrot –
Until you don’t know where you are

Are you gonna realize
The class war’s real and not mythologized
And like Jericho – You see walls can come tumbling down!

Are you gonna be threatend by
The public enemies No. 10 –
Those who play the power game
They take the profits – you take the blame –
When they tell you there’s no rise in pay

Are you gonna try an’ make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt –
You see things CAN change –
YES an’ walls can come tumbling down!

To buy the music of The Style Council click HERE

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The Dark Side Of The Moon


“The Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd is perhaps one of the most iconic albums in rock’s history both in sound and vision.

Even the most grandiose finished product must start somewhere and this week the web features some demos and outtakes from their 1972 Abbey Road sessions.

“Money” {Demo) – Pink Floyd

“Us and Them” (Demo) – Pink Floyd

For more demos and outtakes visit SixEyes Music Blog

Buy The Dark Side Of The Moon HERE

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