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Blast From The Past – Beat Surrender



Beat Surrender” was The Jam‘s final single released on 26 November 1982.

It became the band’s fourth #1 UK single for two weeks in December 1982. The 7″ was backed by the B-side “Shopping”.

A double 7″ ( as per sleeve above) and 12″ single version was available with additional studio cover versions of The Chi-Lites‘ “Stoned Out Of My Mind”, Curtis Mayfield‘s classic “Move On Up”, and Edwin Starr‘s “War”.

The song was a turning point for Paul Weller as he left behind his initial mod influences of The Who and Small Faces to adopt the more recognised influences of the modernists Soul and Jazz and as such hinted at the “style” to come with his  next band, The Style Council.

The decision for the Jam’s final single was between “Beat Surrender” and “A Solid Bond In Your Heart”, later a Style Council single in 1983. The Jam’s version of “A Solid Bond In Your Heart” was not released until 1992 on the Extras album, although Rick Buckler, the Jam’s drummer, claimed that the Style Council had pinched his original drum track recording.

“Beat Surrender” was previewed live on the first ever episode on The Tube, a live music show broadcast on Channel 4, on 5 November 1982.

The recording featured future Respond Records artist Tracie who featured in an earlier post click HERE

Come on boy, come on girl
Succumb to the beat surrender

All the things that I care about (are packed into one punch)
All the things that I’m not sure about (are sorted out at once)

And as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end
That bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names

All the things that I shout about (but never act upon)
All the courage and the dreams that I have
(but seem to wait so long)
My doubt is cast aside, watch phonies run to hide
The dignified don’t even enter in the game

And if you feel there’s no passion
No quality sensation
Seize the young determination
Show the fakers you ain’t foolin’
You’ll see me come runnin’
To the sound of your strummin’
Fill my heart with joy and gladness
I’ve lived too long in shadows of sadness



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Top 10 Albums Of The Year

Robert Plant - Band Of Joy

Diane Birch - Bible Belt

John Grant - Queen Of Denmark

John Legend & the Roots - Wake Up!

Neil Young - Le Noise

Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Seafieldroad - There Are No Maps For This part Of The City

Sorry : No known video available.

Lauren Pritchard - Wasted In Jackson

Saint Jude - Diary Of A Soul Fiend

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2010 Top 30 New and Old #4

Tears for the second day running this time courtesy of “No Tears To Cry” from the best Paul Weller album in ages “Wake Up The Nation”

If you don’t want to see me fall
Turn your face to the wall
There’s no face left to hide
There’s no tears to cry
‘Cause my eyes have dried

If you can see my wall, dear, from afar
Can’t you see how distant we are?
There’s no way I can lie
There’s no tears to cry
‘Cause my eyes have dried

Time before [Incomprehensible]
You stole the precious mind
Wrapped it up in sin
And sold it to the night

If you don’t want to watch, watch me slide
Turn around here inside
Find a place we can hide
There’s no tears to cry

There’s no face left inside
There’s no tears to cry
‘Cause my eyes have dried
There’s no tears to cry

Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation

To buy the music of Paul Weller click HERE

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For some unknown reason in late September early October I found a new desire to explore the music of Tim Buckley and in doing so I bought up most the albums of his which were missing from my collection.

In doing so his debut album “Tim Buckley” became a favourite and this track in particular.

“Grief In My Soul” – Tim Buckley

I’ve got ten thousand troubles, a million woes
I got grief in my soul nobody knows

I got heartaches, I got stingin’ water fallin’ out of the sky
I got a long lost lover, got a reason to die
I got ten thousand troubles, a million woes
I got grief in my soul nobody knows

I got sorrow
I’m in a storm that’ll spare no travelin’ man
I fear tomorrow
Got a love that died long before it began
I got ten thousand troubles, a million woes
I got grief in my soul nobody knows

Got a cold chain
I got rain fallin’ on my head from above
I got a bad pain
I got a gal don’t know the meaning of love
I got ten thousand troubles, a million woes
I got grief in my soul nobody knows

I got heartaches, I got stingin’ water fallin’ out of the sky
I got a long lost lover, got a reason to die
I got ten thousand troubles, a million woes
I got grief in my soul nobody knows

To buy the music of Tim Buckley click HERE

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Actually “I be 50” but that’s not the point, though it is hard to believe it is 30 years since I bought the UB40 debut album “Signing Off” which was released by Graduate Records on 29th August 1980 with a free three track 12″ single as an addition to the ten tracks on the album.

Most people will unfortunately remember the band for their series of reggae based cover versions recorded for Virgin Records which transformed them from being a “protest band” to a somewhat sanatised band for happy loving couples to play at dinner parties as a token gesture to being reggae loving hipsters.

“Signing Off” however deserves to be re-discovered as it is another great debut album.

Signing Off was a mix of reggae and dub material which was lyrically politically charged and socially conscious, while musically it was reverb-heavy, doom-laden yet mellifluous, best exemplified in the hits “King” and “Food For Thought” as well as the searing “Burden of Shame”.

The opening track on the album “Tyler” was written about a young black American Gary Tyler, who was convicted of murdering a 13-year-old white boy, at the age of 17. UB40 intended “Tyler” to be their first single in the States.

“King” was a song written about the late Martin Luther King, Jr., questioning the lost direction of the deceased leader’s followers and the state of mourning of a nation after his death.

Perhaps the biggest success of the album was the song “Food For Thought”, which was an attempt to publicize and condemn the Ethiopian famine in Africa, comparing it with the Western over-indulgent celebration of Christmas, a full five years before Band Aid brought the subject to widespread attention. Subsequently it was also a prominent feature of UB40’s 2005 Live 8 appearance in Hyde Park, London – 25 years after the song had been first released. Both “King” and “Food For Thought” were released together as a Double A-side, as their debut single in February 1980. It topped the Indie chart for three months, reached #4 in the UK charts, and went on to sell half a million copies.

The original vinyl album consisted of a ten-track LP plus a 3-track 12-inch record which included the tracks “Madam Medusa”, “Strange Fruit” and “Reefer Madness”.

“Madam Medusa” stands up alongside the likes of The Beat’s “Stand Down Margaret” and The Specials “Ghost Town” as social commentaries on the Thatcher years.

“Madam Medusa” – UB40

From the land of shadows
Comes a dreadful sight
Lady with the marble smile
Spirit of the night
See the scourge of innocence
Swinging in her hand
Hear the silent suffering
That echoes through the land

From the tombs of ignorance
Of hate and greed and lies
Through the smoke of sacrifice
Watch her figure rise
The sick the poor the old
Basking in her radiance
Men of blood and gold

In her bloody footsteps
Speculators prance
Men of dreams are praying
For that second chance
Round her vacant features
Gilded serpents dance
Her tree of evil knowledge
Sprouts a special branch

Madam Medusa
Madam Medusa
Madam Medusa

Knock her right down
And then she bounce right back
Knock her right down
And then she bounce right back
She gone off her head
We`ve got to shoot her dead
She gone off her head
We`ve got to shoot her dead
Run for your life before she eat you alive
Run for your life before she eat you alive
Move out of the way cos`s you`re blocking out the day
Move out of the way cos`s you`re blocking out the day

To buy the music of UB40 click HERE

Just today I was reading the current NME in which Paul Weller as quoted as saying “this generation needs to stand up and fight”………….step forward the new Billy Bragg

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Paul Weller Salutes Robert Kirby

Paul Weller was the surprise guest at a memorial concert for string arranger Robert Kirby on October 3.

Kirby, who worked with artists including Nick Drake, Weller and Elvis Costello, died last year aged 61.

Weller performed ‘With Time And Temperance’ from his album ‘Heliocentric’ – which featured Kirby‘s arranging – at the event, held at London‘s Cecil Sharp House.

“With Time And Temperance” – Paul Weller

Speaking about Kirby, Weller said he was “a great man”, adding: “[We] made great music together and fell off many barstools together!”

With strings conducted by Harvey Brough, the memorial also saw performances from Vashti Bunyan, Teddy Thompson, Ben & Jason and Steve Ashley.

Source :-

See previous posting on Robert Kirky bly clicking HERE

To buy the music of Paul Weller click HERE

With regard to other Paul Weller news congratulations are due to him as it has been reported that he has married his girlfriend Hannah Andrews during a low-key ceremony in Capri, Italy, last week.


Paul Weller’s next release is called Find The Torch, Burn The Plans, it’s a ‘CD/DVD Deluxe Album’ and its out on November 29th on Island Records

What is it? Well, according to the label, it’s a ‘lavishly packaged and highly covetable DVD and CD package’ mixing a 26-track live set culled from Weller’s Royal Albert Hall shows, an all-new film and a music disc of his Radio 2 gig earlier this year.

The DVD movie part, directed by Julien Temple, is actually titled Find The torch, Burn The Plans and is described as ‘a remarkable 50 minute portrait of one of the world’s greatest musicians at the peak of his powers’. Make of that what you will.

The whole thing is packaged in a hard back book style, with exclusive images, a new interview and a ‘collectable set of 5 cardboard prints’ housed in a slip case attached to the back cover.

The full price is £31.99, although seems to be doing discounted pre-orders to £17.99 right now. More details from its website.


Live at the Royal Albert Hall

1. Andromeda
2. From the Floorboards Up
3. 7&3 Is The Strikers Name
4. Into Tomorrow
5. Aim High
6. Moonshine
7. Up The Dosage
8. Strange Town
9. Wake up the Nation
10. Shout To The Top!
11. Trees
12. You Do Something To Me
13. One Bright Star
14. Wild Wood
15. The Eton Rifles with guest Kelly Jones
16. That’s Entertainment with guest Kelly Jones
17. Fast Cars/Slow Traffic
18. Come On
19. Why Walk When You Can Run
20. All On A Misty Morning
21. Light Nights
22. Butterfly Collector
23. Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
24. Art School
25. Scrape Away
26. Pieces Of A Dream

“Find The Torch, Burn The Plans” A Film by Julien Temple
7& 3 Is The Strikers Name promo video directed by Lawrence Watson

Live At The Royal Albert Hall
From The Floorboards Up
7&3 Is The Strikers Name
Into Tomorrow
Aim High
Up The Dosage
Wild Wood
The Eton Rifles (with Kelly Jones)
That’s Entertainment (with Kelly Jones)
Fast Car/Slow Traffic

In Concert at the BBC Theatre
Sea Spray
Strange Town
Broken Stones
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (with Lauren Pritchard)
No Tears To Cry (with Richard Hawley)

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Sunday Sounds – Tracie

Spring, Summer, Autumn” – Tracie

Tracie (Tracie Young) was discovered by Paul Weller via an advert in Smash Hits magazine and was signed to his Respond Records label.

Although just 17 years old, Young replied and sent Weller a cassette of a Phoebe Snow-inspired version of the Betty Wright hit “Shoorah Shoorah”. Young’s tape was singled out from among the hundreds received, and shortly thereafter was invited to London for an audition.

Performing old soul numbers “Band of Gold” and “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” for the audition, Young impressed Weller enough to win the job and become his priority signing for the label.

Before recording solo work for Respond, Weller sought to increase exposure for Young. He promptly utilized her for backing vocals on The Jam’s final single, “Beat Surrender”, which was released on 26 November 1982 and became the band’s fourth #1 single. Weller also had Young join the group for their appearance on Top Of The Pops to promote the song.

In January 1983, Young contributed vocals for The Style Council’s first single, “Speak Like a Child”, and also appeared in the promotional video for the song.

As an unofficial member of the group, Young toured with The Style Council for part of 1983, while also performing as a solo artist as part of a Respond package tour

As Tracie he had UK hit singles in March of 1983 with “The House That Jack Built” and in July with “Give it Some Emotion”

Her debut album, Far From the Hurting Kind, was released in 1984, tt featured production, backing, and songwriting from Weller, including the song chosen for today’s “Sunday Sounds”, as well as an Elvis Costello song written especially for her, “(I Love You) When You Sleep”.

The album was reissued in Japan in 1996 and has now only recently been reissued here with the addition of all her singles plus bonus tracks.


Since the late 1990s Young has enjoyed a second career as a radio presenter, currently working at Southend Radio 105.1, Chelmsford Radio 107.7 and also Connect FM in Peterborough and Northamptonshire. In 2009 Young did a one-off gig, supporting Billy Franks (formerly of The Faith Brothers) at The Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The show was on June 6th 2009 and Tracie was backed by Southend rock band, Soliss. In the wake of the show, Young released a self-produced, limited edition six-song EP of previously released material, titled It Happened One Night…And Other Songs .

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New News – Paul Weller

Rejuvenated songwriting legend Paul Weller has revealed plans to release his new double A-side single ‘Find The Torch, Burn The Plans / Aim High’.

Paul Weller’s career has enjoyed considerable ups and downs. Entering the new Millennium on uncertain territory, a series of label deals and even a covers album seemed to demonstrate that he was unsure how to progress.

Hooking up with producer Simon Dine, the partnership has unleashed a new blast of material from the songwriting legend. Heavy touring saw Paul Weller re-connect with his fan base, while the lavish double album ’22 Dreams’ was given critical plaudits.

Returning this year with his sharp as a tack new album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ the singer is on ferocious form. Reportedly getting engaged to one of his backing vocalists, Paul Weller is in the middle of his best run of form for a decade.

Opening the summer with some ferocious live sets, Paul Weller is set to release his new double A-side single ‘Find The Torch, Burn The Plans / Aim High’.

Taken from his new album, the single will be released on June 14th and will be available digitaly, on CD and two 7″ vinyl records.

Asked about ‘Find The Torch’ Paul Weller claimed that it was inspired by his disgust at the establishment. “Thematically, it ties in with the title track of the album. We’ve got to reclaim our heritage and our culture. Claim it back from the fucking politicians and the establishment. My daughter (Leah) and her mate sang on it too.”

“Aim High was initially one phrase repeated over and over. I hit that falsetto voice, which was nice because I haven’t used it for a long time. Once I had the melody I wrote the words really quickly.”

Paul Weller is set to release ‘Find The Torch, Burns The Plans / Aim High’ on June 14th.


In the meantime here is a great cover of a Chic classic from the Weller BBC Sessions.

“Thinking Of You” – Paul Weller

To buy the music of Paul Weller click HERE

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New News – Paul Weller


Weller At The BBC

Weller At The BBC

Paul Weller At The BBC (Includes exclusive Paul Weller print from the box-set artwork) (4xCD)

Released: November 3, 2008


1. Fly On The Wall (Johnnie Walker – Live 5.9.92)
2. Pink On White Walls
3. Amongst Butterflie
4. Wild Wood (Saturday Sequence – Johnnie Walker – 2.10.93)
5. Hung Up
6. Out Of The Sinking (band version)
7. Clues
8. Whirlpool’s End(Lunchtime Show – Emma Freud – 26.10.94)
9. Out Of The Sinking (acoustic version) (Lunchtime Show – 1.11.1994)
10. Broken Stones (band version)
11. Time Passes
12. The Changing Man
13. I Walk On Gilded Splinters(Evening Session – 8.5.95)
14. Broken Stones (acoustic version)
15. You Do Something To Me(Simon Mayo – 12.9.95)
16. Brushed
17. Peacock Suit
18. Up In Suze’s Room
19. Friday Street
20. Mermaids
21. The Poacher(Evening Session Live – 10.6.97)

1. Driving Nowhere (Mark Goodier – 23.11.97)
2. Friday Street – (acoustic version) (Kaleidoscope – Live In The Studio 19.9. 97)
3. Science (Jo Wiley – 1997)
4. Wishing On A Star
5. Thinking Of You (The Drivetime Show With Johnnie Walker – 1.9.04)
6. Corrina, Corrina
7. Early Morning Rain
8. Foot Of The Mountain (Mark Lamarr For Jonathan Ross – 8.1.05)
9. To The Start Of Forever
10. Out Of The Sinking (Janice Long – 4.3.05)
11. Paper Smile
12. Come On Lets Go (The Drivetime Show With Stuart Maconie – 28.7.05)
13. Amongst Butterflies
14. Frightened
15. That’s Entertainment (Mark Lamarr: Sold On Song – 11.2.06)
16. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You
17. Cold Moments
18. Push It Along
19. Pretty Flamingo (Mark Lamarr: God’s Jukebox – 5.7.08)

1. My Ever Changing Moods
2. A Man Of Great Promise
3. Kosmos
4. Speak Like A Child
5. Just Like Yesterday
6. Work To Do
7. Pity Poor Alfie Royal Albert Hall 13/10/92
8. What’s Goin’ On
9. Uh Huh Oh Yeh
10. Hercules
11. Bull Rush/Magic Bus
12. Above The
13. Everything Has A Price To Pay
14. Headstart For Happiness
15. Into Tomorrow Phoenix Festival 13/7/95
16. Porcelain Gods
17. Stanley Road
18. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)

1. Shadow Of The Sun
2. I Walk On Gilded Splinters
3. Out Of The Sinking
4. Hung Up
5. Sunflower
6. Broken Stones
7. Fly On The Wall
8. Tales From The Riverbank Victoria Park 8/8/98
9. Peacock Suit
10. Heavy soul
11. Science Radio Theatre 9/11/98
12. I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
13. Brand New Start
14. Wild Wood
15. Friday Street
16. The Changingman

Release Info

‘Weller at the BBC’ is a stunning 74-track, digitally-remastered, 4-CD hard-back book set of exclusive BBC sessions and live concert tracks from 1990 – 2008, including a lavish 64-page booklet with extensive sleevenotes, new interviews with Paul and others with scores of rare photos from the archive.

“The BBC Recordings is a great tradition. I’ve bought quite a few in the past, from the Hendrix one to The Who to the Small Faces to the Fabs, so for my stuff to be put out alongside them and to be a part of that tradition, it’s definitely something special.” – Paul Weller 2008

“The Changingman” Live From Glastonbury [MP3}


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