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Blues Monday – Julie London

Despite nearly featuring in my “Sunday Jazz” series Julie London wasn’t really a jazz singer, but she possessed a definite jazz feeling and many of her finest albums (such as Julie Is Her Name and Julie…At Home) feature small-group jazz backings.

In a similar vibe her “About The Blues” wasn’t really aimed at the true “blues” market but was aimed at the 1950s pop market, but it may just be her best orchestral session. Since downbeat torch songs were London’s specialty, the album features an excellent selection of nocturnal but classy blues songs that play to her subtle strengths instead of against them. So as she sings below she had the view that “I Gotta A Right To Sing The Blues”

Julie usually included a couple of new songs in with a selection of standards, and her husband, Bobby Troup, wrote two excellent numbers for the album. One of them, the emotionally devastating “Meaning of the Blues,” is the album’s highlight, and was turned into a jazz standard after Miles Davis recorded it the same year for Miles Ahead.

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Sunday Jazz (sort of) – So What

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In the spring of 1981 a group of reggae studio musicians from Jamaica gathered in New York City under the direction of Jeremy Taylor, a music professor at NYU at that time. The result was this Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue.’

As fate would have it, several weeks after directing the sessions Taylor passed away in his Paris hotel room while on a speaking tour of Europe.  A final mix of the album was never released though it existed subrosa in rough, lo-fi, cassette form among genre enthusiasst.

In 2009, Secret Stash Records began working with the Taylor estate to finally release the album creating both final mixes and dub versions. Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue is the result of their efforts.

“So What” – Jeremy Taylor

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Kind of Blue – So What


Miles Davis released his definitive album Kind of Bue in August 1959 yet this month we are blessed with a “50th Anniversary” box set edition which includes everything but a Miles kitchen sink.



This was the album that was my gateway into the world of jazz. I found it to be a world which contained great music but also contained a great deal of music which was to my ears unlistenable, even the albums I do like often sound to Mrs D like five people playing five separate songs!

Jazz fanatics tend to be dedicated to the genre and listen to nothing but jazz, my musical tastes are too liberal to be restricted by such a culture.

Jazz to me features in many of my playlists and if you embrace the jazz vocalist into the genre such as Billie, Ella, Nina et all then it will account for many an hour of enjoyable listening.

So here is perhaps one of the best known openings to an album and song the classic that is “So What”

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