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The Endless Note

Cover Story – The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars are a indie folk duo composed of singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White.

The act’s debut EP, Poison & Wine, and first full-length studio album, Barton Hollow (sensibility music), were helmed by Grammy Award-winning producer Charlie Peacock (Switchfoot, Al Green).

After the Poison & Wine EP released on November 15, 2009, The Civil Wars was selected for iTunes’ “Best of 2010” list and named “Best of What’s Next” by Paste Magazine.

Barton Hollow released on February 1, 2011 and debuted at No. 1 on iTunes’ album sales chart and at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 by selling approximately 25,000 copies its first week out

As an extra track on the album they covered this great Leonard Cohen song

“Dance Me To The End Of Love” – The Civil Wars

To buy the music of The Civil Wars click HERE

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Sisters Of Mercy

live-in-london-leonardThis one is for Jane…from Leonard Cohen’s new live CD and DVD

“Sisters of Mercy” – Leonard Cohen

For more information on Leonard Cohen click HERE

Buy Leonard Cohen music HERE

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New Music – Madeleine Peyroux


Madeleine Peyroux is one of my favourite new era jazz singers. She is perhaps best known to date for her innovative takes on other peoples songs with her version of “Careless Love” and Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me To The End Of Love” [Acoustic Version] being particular favourites.

Her new album “Bare Bones” released on the 13th April, treads new ground featuring as it does tracks with co-writing credits to Madeleine.



The first track I have chosen to highlight is “You Can’t Do Me” and is well wide of any jazz standard and is also co-written with Steely Dan’s Walter Becker.

“You Can’t Do Me” – Madeleine Peyroux

With a more typical Peyroux vibe here is “Instead”

“Instead” – Madeleine Peyroux

You can buy Madeleine Peyroux music HERE

For more information on Madeleine Peyroux click HERE

Here is her version of Elliot Smith’s “Between Bars”

Finally a live performance of Cohen’s “Dance Me To The End Of Love”

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Cohen Rescues Song From Pop Idol

At the end of last year Leonard Cohen’s classic song “Hallelujah” was hijacked by Pop Idol, here in 2009 it is restored to it’s rightful owner via inclusion in Leonard’s recent setlist.


“Hallelujah”  Live Version – Leonard Cohen MP3

You can buy Leonard Cohen music HERE


Live in London CD and DVD is released on 31st March

Finally back in time to the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival and a performance of Suzanne”

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X Factor Over……Hallelujah


With Mrs D not being able to get out much Saturday Night television has turned into a bit of an endurance test.

Finally the X Factor freached a conclusion last night and I found out to my total astonishment that the X Factor Single will be a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

It was sung by both finalists last night with boy band JLS murdering it to the 100th degree, however, the winner Alexandra Burke gave it a rousing soul diva version.

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

What odds would you have been given at the start of 2008 for Leonard Cohen having a Christmas No1 because it will be an odds on certainty now.

Jeff Buckley’s cover from his 1995 Grace album remains the definitive cover version and it is his guitar based arrangement which is the basis for the Alexandra Burke single which hits the shops on Monday.

Finally here is ray Wilson & Stiltskin’s take on such shows

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“Hallelujah” was originally written and composed over the course of a year, and is said to have been a frustrating and difficult process for Cohen.[1] Cohen says he wrote at least eighty verses, discarding most of them in the process of crafting the song. Cohen is quoted as saying:

I filled two notebooks and I remember being in the Royalton Hotel [in New York], on the carpet in my underwear, banging my head on the floor and saying, ‘I can’t finish this song.’[2]

Cohen first recorded the song at Quadrasonic Sound, New York in June 1984, working with producer John Lissauer. The next recording of this song by Leonard Cohen was captured live in Austin, Texas on October 31, 1988 with production by Leanne Ungar and Bob Metzger.

Buy Leonard Cohen Various Positions HERE

The original recording is noted for containing biblical references in the lyrics, alluding to David‘s harp-playing used to soothe King Saul (I Sam 16:23), and his later affair with Bathsheba after watching her bathe from his roof (2 Sam 11:2). The line “she broke your throne and she cut your hair” is a reference to the source of Samson‘s strength from the Book of Judges chapter 16. The third verse mentions “the name” (Tetragrammaton). In these instances, the lyrics are overtly sexual. Jeff Buckley called his own rendition of the song a homage to “the hallelujah of the orgasm“.[4]

In 1994, Cohen released a substantially different version on the 1994 live album Cohen Live, retaining only the final verse from the original recording. In this version, the lyrics became more sexual, and the song’s structure was slightly reworked. Since his original studio album version, live performances by Leonard Cohen almost invariably include the final song verses not performed by Cale and many others. Many cover artists mix lyrics from both versions, and occasionally make direct lyric changes such as Rufus Wainwright singing “holy dark” and Allison Crowe singing “Holy Ghost” rather than “holy dove”. Although individual words do change among various versions, apart from such examples of clear revision by interpreters, any variation may be due to selection from Cohen’s complete lyrics rather than alterations by the cover artist.

Buy Jeff Buckley “Grace” HERE

Buy Katherine Jenkins “Sacred Arias” HERE

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