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The band “Jonny” release their self titled debut album soon, however, members of the new group are certainly not new to the music scene.

In fact there is once again a real Scottish vibe running through the album which was recorded at Chem 19 Studios, Hamilton.

This Lanarkshire connection links back to band member Norman Blake, best known for his work with Teenage Fanclub who has teamed up with the Welsh Gorky’s Euros Childs supplemented by Fanclub’s Dave McGowan and BMX Bandit Stuart Kidd.

Even with Blake now residing in Ontario, Canada it is hoped that the quality melodies therein will reach an appreciative audience.

“I Want To Be Around You” – Jonny

The album artwork (above) is also revealed to be the inspiration behind their unusual name. Blake came across the image on a friend’s website “and thought it would make a great record sleeve… and name for a band”. “Sleeve first, band-name after”, confirms Childs, “that’s always the best way”.

“Jonny” album track listing:

1. Wich is Wich

2. Candyfloss

3. Waiting Around For You

4. Goldmine

5. You Was Me

6. Circling The Sun

7. English Lady

8. The Goodnight

9. Bread

10. Cave Dance

11. I Want To Be Around You

12. I’ll Make Her My Best Friend

13. Never Alone

To buy the album click HERE

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