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Back on the 17th November 2009 (see HERE) I brought you the news that Jack White was producing a new album for the great Wanda Jackson six years after he did likewise for Loretta Lynn.

Although not due until the Autumn two tracks from the album were made available via iTunes, both cover versions one is a cover of the Johnnie Kidd & The Pirates “Shakin’ All Over” which is timeous given the recent sad passing of Mick Green.

The other track is a brave cover of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” to which there were many a lyric change with Wanda stating that she wasn’t going to sing about being in bed with someone. Perhaps it is also not surprising that a 72 year old from Oklahoma (even one who dated Elvis) also didn’t know what “chips and pitta”  or “Stella” were.!!

“You Know I’m No Good” – Wanda Jackson

Buy the music of Wanda Jackson HERE and HERE

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Mick Green 1944-2010

Mick Green, initially the guitar player with Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, thereafter The Pirates and latterly sideman to the stars, has died, aged 66.

The early years of British rock’n’roll were not overburdened with authentic tear-arse guitarists. Joe Brown was one; Green was the other, and although he joined Kidd in 1962, after the latter’s defining hit, Shakin’ All Over, he ensured that beneath the Pirates’ pantomine privateer schtick there was always proper musical ballast.

“Shakin’ All Over” – Johnny Kidd & THe Pirates

The glowering lead line and serrated slashes that stalk Kidd’s vocal in 1964’s Number 4 hit I’ll Never Get Over You, were typical, and the group’s cover of Piano Red’s Doctor Feelgood minted a snarling sound that would inspire the Canvey band of that name.

In the ’70s, as the main attraction in the now Kidd-less Pirates, he held a torch for blistering R&B, and with gutbucket mores back in fashion later in the decade, he held his own with the pub’n’punk crowd , trading blows with The Stranglers, Wilko Johnson, The Saints and others at 1977’s Front Row Festival, a three-week run of shows at Islington’s infamous punk pub, The Hope & Anchor.

“Please Don’t Touch” (Live) – The Pirates

More recently, Green lent licks to Paul McCartney on the Beatle’s r’n’r revivalist Run Devil Run album (1999), played on Bryan Ferry’s Frantic (2002) and underwent a saintly stint under the Van Morrison cosh, enlivening Van’s 2008 album, Keep It Simple. Meanwhile, the most recent generation of garage rock converts continued to seek his patronage.

His son Brad Green, writing on his father’s web site, released the following statement…

“It is with the greatest of sorrow that I have to inform you all that my father, Mick Green, has this morning (11th Jan 2010) passed away. My dad will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans all around the world. He inspired and dazzled with his amazing talent and his sharp personality and wit. His spirit and his music will continue to live on through his music. Thank you all for your support and thoughts.”

To buy the music of The Pirates click HERE

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