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Blues Monday – Rory Gallagher

The “lost” Rory Gallagher album “Notes From San Francisco” whilst it is a worthwhile purchase for Rory fans it is not the best entry point for new fans.

If he is new to you his heritage is still readily available, “Live In Europe” and “Irish Tour” are must have records as it was in live performance where Rory was most at home.

Someone once asked Jimi Hendrix what is it like to be the world’s greatest guitar player and his answer was “don’t know ask Rory Gallagher” !!

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Model Railway Anorak Special

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Friday Fun – Howling Football Performance

“Night Bird Flying” – Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix 40 Years Gone

A London hotel, famed as the last known address of Jimi Hendrix, will open up a shrine to the guitar guru today to mark the 40th anniversary of his death.

The Cumberland Hotel – off London’s Park Lane – has revamped a room favoured by the star to pay homage to Hendrix, and allow fans to stay the night.

Hendrix was a regular guest at the property during the 1960s and he conducted what was to be his last ever interview, with music journalist Keith Altham, in one of the hotel’s fifth-floor suites just days before his untimely death in 1970.

To mark today’s 40th anniversary of Hendrix’s death, the hotel, operated by the Guoman group, has created a Hendrix-inspired suite.

Along with psychedelic stylised patterns, the room features an original 60s printed panel by Mariji Isola, along with a wall of framed originals of NME covers from the 1960s featuring the rock legend.

The centrepiece of the room is a flaming three-metre Hendrix mural by graphic designer Andie Airfix, who has worked for Sir Paul McCartney.

Hotel bosses are donating £10 from the cost of each night’s stay in the room to The Hendrix Foundation, an organisation helping deprived children to learn to play  instruments.

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Guilty Pleasures – Elkie Brooks


To be honest it was touch and go as to whether I thought I had to declare Elkie Brooks as a Guilty Pleasure, however, I decided this post might be an educational one for many who regard her as member of the scampi in a basket set.

Without doubt she isn’t, however, her mainstream image remains from that period where she logged a few Top 30 singles such as “Fool If You Think This Is Over”, “Pearl’s A Singer” and of course her best from that period “Lilac Wine” (see HERE).

However there is more to her than meets the eye as she has one of our best R&B voices up there with Scotland’s own Maggie Bell.

Elkie was born in 1945 as Elaine Bookbinder to a Jewish father and Catholic mother in Broughton and raised in Prestwich.

A professional singer since she was fifteen her debut recording was a cover of Etta James’s “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”, which was released on Decca in 1964. She spent most of the 1960s on Britain’s cabaret scene, a period of her life that she did not particularly enjoy.

In the early 1960s she supported The Beatles in their Christmas show in London, then, as an established act, helped the Small Faces in their early career by introducing them at several venues. She went on to tour the United States with several bands including the Animals.

It was however with Vinegar Joe that she, and her co-singer one Robert Palmer who sadly passed away back in 2003,  made her name.

Their self titled debut album was released in 1972.

The same year saw this released as a single.

“Speed Queen Of Ventura” – Vinegar Joe

Next up, the same year, was the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies” album

which featured a great version of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Angel”.

Their last release arrived in 1973 with the album “Six Star General”

Here is some rare footage of them performing a track from the album titled “Proud To Be (A Honky Woman)”

Here is a bonus before we move on.

and yes Robert Palmer did sing as well

let’s leave the Vinegar Joe era with some blues.

After a time as backing singer with the American southern boogie band Wet Willie, she returned to England. Her first solo album on A&M records was Rich Man’s Woman (1975). Elkie was given a hard time due to the album’s cover, which was considered outrageous for the time.

It came before a run of sixteen UK hit albums in twenty-five years, starting with Two Days Away released in 1977 and produced by the legendary duo Leiber & Stoller, who had also worked with Elvis Presley and many others.

Brooks wrote some tracks with Leiber and Stoller. The hits “Pearl’s a Singer”, “Sunshine After the Rain” came from this album.

“Sunshine After The Rain” – Elkie Brooks

In 1981 her record company, noting declining sales, decided to release a compilation album made up of her hits to date plus some new material, the album was titled “Pearls” it peaked at #2 staying in the charts for 79 weeks.

At the time it became the biggest ever selling album by a female vocalist in the UK, selling over 1.2 million copies (10,000 copies per week on average). Pearls remains Brooks’ biggest selling album and is the only album by her that A&M continue to release on CD.

One of the new tracks was the Chris Rea song “Fool If You Think It’s Over”

Pearls II (1982), Minutes (1984) and Screen Gems the first album to be produced on CD in the UK (1984) were all UK chart successes.

In 1986 No More the Fool gave her biggest hit single to date while the parent album reached the top 5. Following chart success ensued with the albums The Very Best of (1986), Bookbinders Kid On Bookbinders Kid, she covered “What’s The Matter Baby” previously recorded by Timi Yuro (1988), Inspiration (1981), Round Midnight (1993), Nothin’ But the Blues (1994), Amazing (1996) and The Very Best of (1997). In 1980 Brooks performed at the Knebworth Festival with The Beach Boys, Santana and Mike Oldfield.

It was the “Electric Lady” album released in 2005 which brought her back on to my radar as it was a great return to her R&B roots.

It featured both self penned and cover versions including these Dylan and Doors  classics

I will leave you with what Elkie does best, singing the blues with a tribute to Muddy Waters written by Paul Rodgers.

“Muddy Water Blues” – Elkie Brooks

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Blast From The Past – Them Changes

George Allen Miles, Jr. (September 5, 1947 – February 26, 2008), known as Buddy Miles, was an American rock and funk drummer, most known as a member of Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys from 1969 through to January 1970.

In 1969 an extremely busy Hendrix would somehow find time to produce the first two albums released by Buddy Miles’ own band, Buddy Miles Express – Expressway To Your Skull and Electric Church. There was obvious public curiosity as to whether the name of the band “Buddy Miles Express” was influenced by Hendrix’s act, “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”.

Soon after the release of the groundbreaking Electric Ladyland album, Noel Redding (original Experience bass player) and Mitch Mitchell (the Experience drummer) had both parted company with Hendrix, not least because of constant wrangling between Hendrix’s manager (Michael Jeffery) and his producer (Alan Douglas), both vying for control of his career. Everyone wanted a piece of Hendrix’s success.

As Buddy Miles explained: “Jimi was not happy. He felt powerless. He couldn’t do what he wanted to do. Hendrix’s solution to the problem was to found a short-lived band called Band of Gypsys, and Miles was brought in to join him. One of the notable features for his audience at the time was the fact that all of the players were black. This was a first for Hendrix as an international recording star – although he had, of course, played with the Isley Brothers in his early days – and this choice reflected a move toward reconnecting with his soul roots. It also had the effect of re-associating rock with its African American roots. Originally it was a solo lp , but in the last ten years or so additional cuts from the concerts were released on a three piece cassette box. The band was based in New York City where Hendrix was spending the majority of his time. Hendrix, who was tangled in legal litigation concerning contracts he had signed prior to his becoming internationally recognized, was required to release a record to the Capitol Records label as part of the agreement in court. This fact led to the live recording of his collaboration with Buddy Miles and Billy Cox.

Band Of Gypsies

However during a follow up performance a month later, Hendrix had a minor, drug-related meltdown on stage which has also been speculated to have been an act of sabotage on the part of a very frustrated manager Michael Jeffery, who was not a fan of the Band of Gypsys all-black line-up and strong R&B roots. Miles had this to say about the incident years later:

“Jeffery slipped [Jimi] two half-tabs of acid on stage as he went on … [Jimi] just freaked out. I told Jeffery he was an out-and-out complete idiot and a fucking asshole to boot. One of the biggest reasons why Jimi is dead is because of that guy.” Miles and Jeffery already had a strained relationship, as Jeffery was always uncomfortable with Hendrix and Miles’ close friendship. After this performance at Madison Square Garden in January 1970, Jeffery fired Buddy Miles and the Band of Gypsys was no more.

Miles continued to work with Hendrix during early and mid 1970 after the Jimi Hendrix Experience had failed to re-form to record. Miles would share recording studio drumming duties on songs “Room Full of Mirrors”, “Izabella”, “Ezy Ryder” and the first version of “Stepping Stone” (for which Mitchell played a final drum track). These songs have been released in several posthumous Hendrix albums.Ironically, the album Band of Gypsys — released in May 1970 — made the Top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic, and stayed in the US charts for over a year. Hendrix died in September 18, 1970, prompting the album to sell even better. There are now videos of Buddy and Randy Hansen covering several of Jimi’s songs on a major website.

Buddy Miles went on to produce other records under his own name. A song he had written and recorded with the Band of Gypsys, “Them Changes” was again recorded by Miles with his own band on a release soon after Hendrix’s passing on Mercury Records.

“Them Changes” – Buddy Miles

Miles’ former Band Of Gypsys sideman, Billy Cox, performed bass guitar on this track. By this time Miles had dropped the “Buddy Miles Express” act name and shortened it to just his own name. That band included bassist David Hull and guitarist Charlie Karp. The same band would release a live album entitled Live which again included his by now signature song, “Them Changes”.

Here however is a real nugget from the vaults Jimi Hendrix with Buddy Miles and the great “Them Changes”

To buy the music of Buddy Miles click HERE

To buy the music of Jimi Hendrix click HERE

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Jimi Hendrix – Valley Of Neptune

March 8th is a big day for Hendrix enthusiasts, as Experience Hendrix LLC & Legacy Recordings will be releasing ‘Valleys of Neptune.’

The album features 12 studio tracks and more than 60 minutes of previously unreleased, originally recorded music, newly mixed and produced by Janie Hendrix, John McDermott and Eddie Kramer.

All the tracks were recorded within a four-month period back in 1969, shortly after the release of 1968’s ‘Electric Ladyland.’ Many of the new tracks feature bassist Billy Cox, suggesting that Hendrix was, in fact, moving away from the Jimi Hendrix Experience in favor of Band of Gypsies.

In addition to the title track, other notable singles include studio covers of Elmore James’ ‘Bleeding Heart’ and Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love,’ as well original Hendrix arrangements ‘Ships Passing Through The Night,’ ‘Lullaby For The Summer,’ and ‘Crying Blue Rain,’ among others.

“Valley Of Neptune” – Jimi Hendrix

You can purchase the title track from the album by download click HERE

To purchase the music of Jimi Hendrix click HERE

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Jimi Hendrix

A new Jimi Hendrix album featuring unreleased studio material recorded between 1968 and 1970 is to be released on March 8.

‘Valleys Of Neptune’ is produced by Hendrix‘s stepsister Janie, along with John McDermott and Eddie Kramer.

The 12-track album features covers of Cream‘s ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ and Elmore James‘Bleeding Heart’, along with the original version of The Jimi Hendrix Experience‘s rendition of ‘Hear My Train A Comin’‘. Tracks were recorded at several studios in London and the US.

Speaking of the album, Janie Hendrix said it offers a “deep insight into [Jimi‘s] mastery of the recording process and demonstrates the fact that he was as unparalleled a recording innovator as he was a guitarist.”

The tracklisting for ‘Valleys of Neptune’ is:

‘Stone Free’
‘Valleys Of Neptune’
‘Bleeding Heart’
‘Hear My Train A Comin’’
‘Mr. Bad Luck’
‘Sunshine Of Your Love’
‘Lover Man’
‘Ships Passing Through The Night’
‘Red House’
‘Lullaby For The Summer’
‘Crying Blue Rain’

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Here is the instrumental title track recorded at Olympia Studios in 22 February 1969.

“Hear My Train A Comin'” (Acoustic) – Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix – The Lost Weekend

A film of Jimi Hendrix‘s infamous ‘lost weekend’ is set to go into production.

Called ‘Slide’, the film is about events in September 1969, when he was apparently the subject of a hoax kidnapping, orchestrated by his manager.

“While we have to be speculative because no definitive version of the event exists, this takes it out of the realm of fiction for me,” writer and director RH Greene told

“It’s part of Jimi‘s story, and I think it offers an opportunity to show him fully but from a unique angle. That was my aim in writing it, and that’s going to be my aim in making it.”

The casting process for the film is currently underway, with production scheduled to start early next year.

Meanwhile, live recordings from Hendrix’s 1967 and 1968 shows in Paris and Ottawa are being released on January 25.

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“Manic Depression” – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Manic depression is touching my soul
I know what I want but I just dont know
How to, go about gettin it
Feeling sweet feeling,
Drops from my fingers, fingers
Manic depression is catchin my soul

Woman so weary, the sweet cause in vain
You make love, you break love
Its all the same
When its, when its over, mama
Music, sweet music
I wish I could caress, caress, caress
Manic depression is a frustrating mess

Well, I think Ill go turn myself off,
And go on down
All the way down
Really aint no use in me hanging around
In your kinda scene

Music, sweet music
I wish I could caress, in a kiss, kiss
Manic depression is a frustrating mess

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Jimi Hendrix

Two Jimi Hendrix gigs from 1967 and 1968 are to be officially released next January.

The CD and vinyl package, which is out on Janaury 25, features Hendrix‘s Paris L’Olympia Theatre performance from January 29, 1968, alongside his Ottawa Capital Theatre gig from March 19, 1968.

A further recording from L’Olympia from October 9, 1967 is also included in the package. The gig was originally broadcast on French radio but has never been released properly.

A host of extras including an iPod skin, poster and postcard set, badges, guitar picks and a T-shirt are included in the package too.

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Here is a track from my favourite live Hendrix album

“Little Wing” – Jimi Hendrix

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