Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Tom Waits – Clap Hands

I have really loved this song since James Grant covered it in concert towards the end of last year for more information click HERE and HERE

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2010 Top 30 New and Old #8

This time it was a campfire performance from the BBC coverage of Glastonbury 2010 which motivated me into buying the album “Catching A Tiger” by the brilliant Lissie.

I just love the drummer/bass player.

To buy the music of Lissie click HERE

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James Grant is one of my artists of the year, though as he didn’t release any material this year I have decided to bring you one of my favourites from his time with Love and Money”

Dogs in the Traffic is considered by many to be Love and Money’s greatest achievement and was included in the All Time Top 100 Scottish Pop and Rock albums in The Scotsman newspaper (at number 30).

The album reflected James Grant’s growing maturity as a writer and the stripped-down arrangements allowed greater emphasis on his lyrics and melodies. The band gave a pre-release playthrough of the album at City Halls in Candleriggs, Glasgow which included an encore featuring Tom Waits’ Clap Hands and Bob Dylan’s You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.

To buy the music of Love and Money click HERE

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2010 Top 30 New and Old #19

Another late entry to my Top 30 this solo album from Swimmer One singer Andrew Eaton was only released at the end of November but made an immediate impact with me.

An album of piano based songs it lives in a world somewhere between The Bathers and The Blue Nile though it doesn’t have the polish of the latter or the complexities of the former it is the perfect soundtrack to those maudlin Sunday’s we will all experience come January.

“Hanging” – Seafieldroad

The album is only currently available for purchase as a download from the Swimmer One  website HERE or from eMusic by clicking HERE

Tom Waits is another of my artists of the year and will feature in Christmas and New Year holiday posts as well.

I have always been a big fan of his earlier albums with “Closing Time” being a particular favourite, this year however I have delved further and deeper into his later works.

My choice for this post is however from the 1985 album “Rain Dogs” and in particular the song chosen was due to it being covered by James Grant at his recent concert at The Fox and Hounds in Houston (see HERE).

“Clap Hands” – Tom Waits

To buy the music of Tom Waits click HERE

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2010 Top 30 New and Old #27

Ever year there is the odd “grower”, songs which don’t hit home immediately but which get there eventually and normally stay with you longer that those which hit fast then disappear.

As they say if something is worth having it is worth waiting for and so it was with this track from Cherry Ghost which I bought in July, though the last few months have seen it on constant play.

“My God Betrays” – Cherry Ghost

To buy the music of Cherry Ghost click HERE

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James Grant has probably been my artist of the year.

His 2009 album “Strange Flowers” grew on me throughout the year (sorry about the pun) with the song “The Hallowing Touch” becoming a particular favourite.

All this was cemented by a brilliant recent live performance from James at my local pub The Fox and Hounds in Houston.

“The Hallowing Touch” – James Grant

To buy the music of James Grant click HERE

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James Grant Part Two

Following on from yesterday’s posting on James Grant and Fraser Spiers’s appearance at The Fox and Hounds in Houston (see HERE) all I can say is pure brilliance!!

Here is one of my favourite songs from the set taken from the 2009 album “Strange Flowers”

“Scarecrow Song” – James Grant

To buy the music of James Grant click HERE

He also did a cover version of this great Tom Waits song from the 1986 album “Rain Dogs”

“Clap Hands” – Tom Waits

To buy the music of  Tom Waits click HERE

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James Grant

Tonight I am off to see James Grant who is appearing at my good old local “The Fox and Hounds” in Houston, hopefully, babysitter permitting with Mr & Mrs Big Rab.

I have already posted on the career of James Grant (click HERE) as well as a specific post on his great album “Strange Flowers” (click HERE) but this will be my first experience of seeing him live.

“You’re Not The Only One” (Live) – James Grant

To buy the music of James Grant click HERE

James is playing tomorrow night with the legendary Fraser Speirs who last year spent a fair amount of time on the road as a member of Paolo Nutini’s touring band.

Fraser has been a session player and live musician for so many artists but you can buy a CD of him live with some friends titled “About Time”

To buy click HERE

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James Grant


From Friends Again, through Love and Money and into his solo career I have always admired the voice, guitar playing and songwriting of James Grant

James Grant’s career began in the early eighties, when he formed Friends Again with Chris Thompson (The Bathers). They preferred Supertramp to The Velvet Underground and whats more, were not afraid to admit it.

Although short-lived, their influence was huge, helping to define the emerging sound of the Scottish bands that followed them.


“Lullaby No 2” – Friends Again

It was in Love and Money that James Grant found more widespread recognition; four albums, working with legendary producers such as Gary Katz(Steely Dan) and Tom Dowd(Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin) several hit singles, a world-wide following and silver discs in the UK helped seal his reputation as one of the best songwriters in the country.

In 1996 he contributed four songs to the solo album of Capercaillie vocalist Karen Matheson, including the title track The Dreaming Sea. He has written extensively on all of Karens’ solo albums and continues to work in her band.
Working with musician and producer Donald Shaw and a stellar cast of players he delivered the stunning debut solo album Sawdust In My Veins, followed by the equally acclaimed follow-ups My Thrawn Glory, I Shot The Albatross and Holy Love.

Strange Flowers, his fifth album as a solo artist was released in March 2009.


“The Hallowing Touch” – James Grant


To buy the music of James Grant click HERE


Bonus Track:-


“I’ll Comb The Tangles From Your Hair” – James Grant

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New Music – James Grant


James Grant returns with Strange Flowers, his most upbeat record since Love And Money’s legendary Strange Kind of Love.

More of a full blown band affair than the introspective Holy Love, another phenomenal collection of songs begins with the sweeping strings of This Could Be The Day and goes on to eclectically cover topics such as vampires(Strange Flowers), how Satan was perhaps the first solo artiste(Can’t Beat The Music) and features as its centrepiece the epic My Father’s Coat.

There are shades of Scott Walker, John Martyn, John Barry and 70s’ soul but the voice, the inimitable lyrical twists and turns and blistering guitar playing are absolute James Grant.

Filled with uncommon candour, passion and dexterity, Strange Flowers reaffirms his reputation as one of the finest singer songwriters and performers there is and will undoubtedly be one of the albums of 2009.


  • This Could Be The Day
  • Darkstar
  • Strange Flowers
  • The Hallowing Touch
  • My Father’s Coat
  • The Bay At The Nape Of Your Neck
  • Lake Louise
  • Is This The Kiss?
  • Can’t Beat The Music
  • Scarecrow Song
  • Catherine Burns


In light of the current mood following the tragic death of Gordon Lennon ths track seemed to hit home.

“The Hallowing Truth” – James Grant


To buy James Grant music click HERE

For more information on James Grant click HERE

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