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The Who Return For Cancer Charity


Rock legends The Who are to perform alongside Jeff Beck, Blondie singer Debbie Harry and The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft in a charity concert against cancer.

The stars will appear at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, on January 13, 2011 to raise money for KILLING Cancer, a charity that funds research into little-known cancer treatment Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).

PDT, which involves making cells more sensitive to light before exposing them to laser light, could help to treat cancers and precancerous conditions near the surface of the skin or internal organ linings.

The event has special significance for The Who, whose manager Bill Curbishley said he had witnessed a number of friends going through the last days of cancer.

“Only later we discovered that PDT could perhaps have saved their lives – and certainly given them some dignity in their final weeks,” he said in a statement.

The Who have performed to raise awareness of cancer before. In March the band joined up with Arctic Monkeys, JLS and Noel Gallagher to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

(Reporting by Adam Jourdan, editing by Mike Collett-White and Paul Casciato

Fi would approve!!

See if you can spot Fiona and I in this video, for a hint I am wearing a bright yellow shirt!!

Circa 8.40 into video

I am the yellow shirt a few rows from the front and Fi is to my right.

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The Genius of Pete Townshend

Here is Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam’s tribute to Pete Townshend taken from the superb Mojo web Who Special which you can view in full HERE



What Pete Townshend means to me is almost unquantifiable; it’s like his music and his writing, even the pitch of his voice, are all part of my DNA. Those records – The Who‘s albums, Pete’s solo work, even the demos I got a hold of as bootlegs – they were like a solid tree in the windstorm of my adolescence. It was like hurricane conditions, emotionally, and his music was the thing I could hold onto. I’m certainly not alone in having that experience. To me, it was a true lifeline.

It would be tough to argue that there was a better live band. I’d have to say the only one that comes close is maybe Fugazi. I first saw them play at San Diego Sports Arena, June 18, 1980. It was the summer after the Cincinnati show [where eleven Who fans were crushed to death during a performance at the Riverfront Coliseum], and Kenney Jones had been drumming with them for about a year… They still had the fire, they were really explosive.

People always say you should never meet your heroes, and for a while I tried to stick to that, to not meet Pete. Because he was the one guy, you know? If it went sideways, if he’d been an asshole or something, I wouldn’t have known what the meaning of my life was [laughs].

Then I went to see two shows down in Berkley, where Pete was playing solo after the Psychoderelict album came out. I was standing somewhere around fifth row, and a woman came up to me and said, I work for Pete, and he’d love to meet you after the show. And that was right as the lights went down. It was a little nerve-wracking.

The first or second song was Rough Boys, and all of a sudden he stops singing and is staring right at me, missing out a whole line or two of the song. And then he comes back in with the line, “I want to bite and kiss you” [laughs]. And I thought, This is terrifying!

And then I was brought backstage, and he couldn’t have been kinder or gentler. And at that time, I was a little wigged out, and looking back I feel bad about it, but he asked me, How are you? And that opened a whole can of worms, because I wanted to be honest with him. “I dunno Pete, this is hard right now.” And he was helpful to me then, as he’s always been helpful. And Roger too, and Entwistle was a great friend, and some of their family, the Townshend clan, Roger’s daughters… They’re like a big family, and it means so much me, to be accepted into that tight group. You can’t help but learn a lot.

Pete and Roger both called after Roskilde [nine Pearl Jam fans were crushed to death during the group’s 2000 performance at the Danish festival, in a grim echo of The Who’s Cincinnati tragedy]. I was apoplectic, I was in the foetal position, I was a hundred feet underwater and I didn’t know where the surface was, but they were at least able to get me up to the top without getting an embolism. I’ll never forget that.

I’ve investigated and lived through almost every line of his work. When I was 15, 16, I remember relating to the songs off The Who By Numbers, but fifteen or so years later, when I had become the same age Pete was when he wrote those songs, the resonance was so much more powerful, especially lines like “How many friends have I really got?”, off of [Who By Numbers track] However Much I Booze. (HD Edit…eh no Eddie it was from the track “How Many Friends”)

I reckon I listen to Pete’s music – in some shape or form, whether it’s solo stuff or live stuff or whatever – twenty or thirty times a week. And now it’s part of my kids’ upbringing.

Eddie Vedder was talking to MOJO’s Stevie Chick

Pete Townshend photo courtesy of Ross Halfin

Posted by Ross_Bennett at 4:00 PM GMT 18/02/2009

“How Many Friends” – The Who (1 of only 10 songs with 100+ plays on iPod)

I’m feelin’ so good right now
There’s a handsome boy tells me how I changed his past
He buys me a brandy
But could it be he’s really just after my ass?

He likes the clothes I wear
He says he likes a man who’s dressed in season
But no one else ever stares, he’s being so kind
What’s the reason?

How many friends have I really got?
You can count them on one hand.
How many friends have I really got?
How many friends have I really got?
That love me, that want me, that’ll take me as I am?

Suddenly it’s the silver screen
And a face so beautiful that I have to cry out
Everybody hears me
But I look like a fool now
With a cry and I shy out
She knows all of my friends
But it’s nice to find a woman who can stay home late
Now I think I’ve reached the end
I wonder in the dead of night – how do I rate?

How many friends have I really got?
How many friends have I really got?
How many friends have I really got?
That love me, that want me, that’ll take me as I am?

It’s all like a dream you know
When you’re still up early in the morning
And you all sit together to watch the sun come through
But things don’t look so good
When you could use a bit of warning
Then you know that no one will ever speak the truth about you

How many friends have I really got?
How many friends have I really got?
How many friends have I really got?
That love me, that want me, that’ll take me as I am?

When I first signed a contract
It was more than a handshake then
I know it still is
But there’s a plain fact
We talk so much shit behind each other’s backs
I get the willies
People know nothing about their own soft gut
So how come they can sum us up
Without suffering all the hype we’ve known
How come they bum us up

How many friends have I really got?
Well, you can count ’em on the one hand
How many friends have I really got?
How many friends have I really got?
That love me, that want me, that’ll take me as I am?


Buy The Who By Numbers for less than a fiver HERE

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