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Father’s Day meets The Old Grey Whistle Test

With it being Father’s Day here in the UK on Sunday I set of this evening bleary eyed to Braehead to do a bit of relevant shopping.

It was only when I set foot in HMV that the concept of time passing hit me straight between the eyes.

It seems like only yesterday I was buying my Dad albums such as “100 Great Church Organ Tunes” or later Shirley Bassey “The Stripper” yet there in front on me on the HMV Father’s Day special display was “Dad’s Rock” 3CD set, “The Old Grey Whistle Test 40th Special Edition” and “New Wave For Dad”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In shock I settled for a book token from Waterstones and returned home and to cheer my self up I downloaded the aforesaid Old Grey Whistle Test CD, 60 tracks for under £10 many of them exclusive live recordings from the show.

So here is an Old Grey Whistle Test special.

From the album and for all cool Dad’s everywhere here is some live music from Tom Waits.

“Small Change” (Live In The Studio) – Tom Waits

To buy the CD click HERE

As a bonus and in celebration of Whispering Bob Harris’s recent OBE award here are some clips from the vaults.

…………….finally perhaps the most famous clip of all.

Coming soon the Old Grey Whistle Test through the ages.


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Friday Fun – Wee Weans 1

“Stupid Thing” – Paul Quinn & The Independant Group

“The Fool On The Hill” – Stone The Crows

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Dr Feelgood


Pub rock is often derided as a movement that was in the thrall of rhythm and blues traditions and ‘proper’ musicianship, at best an unfashionable precursor to punk, devoid of the DIY attitude and the year-zero rhetoric. Yet both movements shared contempt for the mainstream, were reacting against the prog-rock sounds that dominated the era, and a number of punk’s prime movers were inspired by or graduated from the pub rock scene. Julien Temple’s latest conceptual rock documentary focuses on Dr Feelgood, who came from the ‘Thames Delta’, Canvey Island, and puts the case for Lee Brilleaux, Wilko Johnson, the Big Figure and Sparko as ‘four estuarine John-the-Baptists to Johnny Rotten’s anti-Christ’. What emerges is the great, and deeply moving, rock’n’roll history of one of Britain’s finest and unfairly overlooked bands, with Canvey, a reclaimed island in the Thames estuary just off the Essex coast, lying entirely below sea level and dominated by the petrochemical industry, central to it. Enlightening interviews with band members and contemporaries are complemented by some fantastic archive footage, which, at the very least, confirms Brilleaux and Johnson as two of rock’s great showmen, and justifies Dr Feelgood’s reputation as an incredible live act.

Michael Hayden

dr feelgood

The new Dr Feelgood biopic debuts at The British Film Institute this week.

This is what all the fuss is about:-

Finally here is a staple from the mid 70’s discos at The Concord, you won’t believe it but all the girls did the slosh to this……………..

“Back In The Night” – Dr Feelgood



To buy the music of Dr Feelgood click HERE


Beware of imitations….the original is best

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International Record Store Day

record-store-dayYesterday’s Herald, click HERE for their article on International Record Store day, featured a piece regarding this written by the owner of Avalanche Records  their shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh have often benifited from my cash.

So let us today celebrate International Record Store Day

The concept is a great idea as so much of the music I still listen to today was stumbled upon whilst browsing in record shops in the 70-90’s, today’s age of P2P and downloading has somehow sterilised this old habit.

Record shops to me were an oasis from the real world and Currie & Hall (Hall Audio), Woolworths and John Menzies, in Dumbarton, all received my cash, though Woolworths were less than pleased about having to play two tracks from The Damned’s debut album before I would part with my hard earned pennies!!!

Currie & Hall has special memories for me as it was there that I first met my future sister in law, Jane, who even then :-

a) refused to sell me the MC5‘s “Kick Out The Jams” album due to the opening line (see below) and

b) a couple of years later gave me the dilemma when Buying “The Story of The Who” as to whether I wanted the glossy sleeve or the matt sleeve version!!! I still have nightmares about not buying BOTH! (I bought the glossy version)

Jane went on to work in several of the key Glasgow Record Shops though strangely not the one I frequented as a student.

Listen Records was the place to be, long haired guys behind the counter who growled at you if you were buying Dr Feelgood instead of the latest offering from Yes .(I still have a copy of the Doctors “Stupidity” album signed in Listen Records by the late great Lee Brilleux)

So for Jane, sorry I bought it elsewhere, here is the MC’5’s


“Kick Out The Jams” – Mc5

Glossy sleeve………….


From “Stupidity”  here is  “Going Back Home”


Buy Records…………………………………

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