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Beat Surrender” was The Jam‘s final single released on 26 November 1982.

It became the band’s fourth #1 UK single for two weeks in December 1982. The 7″ was backed by the B-side “Shopping”.

A double 7″ ( as per sleeve above) and 12″ single version was available with additional studio cover versions of The Chi-Lites‘ “Stoned Out Of My Mind”, Curtis Mayfield‘s classic “Move On Up”, and Edwin Starr‘s “War”.

The song was a turning point for Paul Weller as he left behind his initial mod influences of The Who and Small Faces to adopt the more recognised influences of the modernists Soul and Jazz and as such hinted at the “style” to come with his  next band, The Style Council.

The decision for the Jam’s final single was between “Beat Surrender” and “A Solid Bond In Your Heart”, later a Style Council single in 1983. The Jam’s version of “A Solid Bond In Your Heart” was not released until 1992 on the Extras album, although Rick Buckler, the Jam’s drummer, claimed that the Style Council had pinched his original drum track recording.

“Beat Surrender” was previewed live on the first ever episode on The Tube, a live music show broadcast on Channel 4, on 5 November 1982.

The recording featured future Respond Records artist Tracie who featured in an earlier post click HERE

Come on boy, come on girl
Succumb to the beat surrender

All the things that I care about (are packed into one punch)
All the things that I’m not sure about (are sorted out at once)

And as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end
That bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names

All the things that I shout about (but never act upon)
All the courage and the dreams that I have
(but seem to wait so long)
My doubt is cast aside, watch phonies run to hide
The dignified don’t even enter in the game

And if you feel there’s no passion
No quality sensation
Seize the young determination
Show the fakers you ain’t foolin’
You’ll see me come runnin’
To the sound of your strummin’
Fill my heart with joy and gladness
I’ve lived too long in shadows of sadness


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John Legend and The Roots

John Legend has teamed up with The Roots to release the album “Wake Up!” which is for the most part, a collection of cover versions of tracks from soul music’s most heavily politicised era.

These are songs of protest, angst and inspiration, soaked in the argot of the civil rights movement, and written as the optimism of the 1960s gave way to the 70s of Vietnam, Watergate and racial tensions of a subtly different kind.

Every track sounds as if it could have been written last week: from the Curtis Mayfield penned Hard Times, about lives lived on the margins of solvency in a cold-shoulder America, to I Can’t Write Left-Handed, Bill Withers’s tale of a disabled veteran returning home after a distant war.

Until now Legend has been best known for his pop-soul chart hit  “Ordinary People”.

Tthe Roots meanwhile have had a  “day job”  as house band on the NBC TV show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. So people may be surprised to hear them collaborating on a track as angrily political as Mike James Kirkland’s 1972 track Hang On In There, with its repeated refrain of: “This is my country – you can’t make me leave/ You can’t make me love the way you treat me.”

Somewhat ironically the “title” track of the album is NOT their respected cover of the Arcade Fire song of the same name but is in spirit the track “Wake Up Everybody”.

To buy the album click HERE

Bonus Track:-

“Wake Up” (Arcade Fire Cover) – John Legend and The Roots

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Sunday Sounds – Curtis Mayfield

From the days before the concept of needing to be “pc” kicked in here is a classic Curtis track from 1974.

“(Don’t Worry) If There’s A HELL Below We’re All Going ToGo” – Curtis Mayfield

Sisters, brothers and the whities
Blacks and the crackers
Police and their backers
They’re all political actors

People running from their worries
While the judge and the juries
Dictate the law that’s partly flaw
Cat calling, love balling, fussing and cussing
Top billing now is killing
For peace no-one is willing
Kind of make you get that feeling

Everybody smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke
Use the pill and the dope, dope, dope, dope, dope
Educated fools
From uneducated schools
Pimping people is the rule
Polluted water in the pool
And Nixon talking about don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
He says don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
He says don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
He says don’t worry, worry, worry, worry

But they don’t know
There can be no show
And if there’s a hell below
We’re all gonna go, go, go, go, go

Everybody’s praying
And everybody’s saying
But when come time to do
Everybody’s laying

Just talking about don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
They say don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
They say don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
They say don’t worry, worry, worry, worry
To buy the music of Curtis Mayfield click HERE

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