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The Endless Note

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich was born on this day of September back in 1917, he was without doubt one of the greatest drummers to walk the planet.

He did, like many a genius, have a bit of a temper!

Here is his version of a Simon & Garfunkel classic.

“Keep The Customer Satisfied” – The Buddy Rich Big Band

To buy the music of Buddy Rich click HERE

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Sunday Jazz – The Buddy Rich Big Band


First up is The Buddy Rich Big Band the way they should be heard “live and kicking”  from the album “Big Face Swing” which you can buy HERE


This is a review from

“This is one of Buddy’s really famous and most loved records, it has many of the tunes on it that became the bands standards. Tunes like ‘Norwegian Wood’, ‘Love for Sale’ and ‘Bugle Call Rag’ are played and sound superb, with every section of the band really swinging. Buddy swings his band along nicely and has a few breaks here and there but on the whole it is very much a group performance.The album is recorded ‘live’ at ‘The Chez’ and the excitment of the evening really comes across, as the crowd show their appreciation after every tune. Buddy’s daughter Cathy even sings on this record, she sings ‘The Beat Goes On’, which was sampled a year or so ago for a dance record, which brought the Buddy Rich Band into every club in the country !! Her rendition is great, considering her age at that time, and this tune gives the album a nice flavour. For all you drummers out there his famous 16th note snare drum fill on ‘Love For Sale’ is still worth checking out, as is his short solo on’Bugle Call Rag’, and again just as a lesson for any drummer who wants to learn how to tastefully support a Big Band, well here it is….School is definetly IN !!

A great addition to any Big Band collector and a must for any serious drummers. ”

The Buddy Rich Big Band – “The Beat Goes On”

Here is Buddy’s famous solo from “West Side Story”

and “Big Swing Face”

and last but not least with the equally brilliant Gene Krupa with “Drum Battle”

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