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Peck Of The Week

“Killermont Street” – Aztec Camera

As the city asleep
Shares its dreams and desires
Every wish that we keep
Will trace a line to other times, other places
Though the song of the proud
Howls and dies, never fall for defeat
Take a trip to reprieve
Every hour they leave
From Killermont Street

Drink a drink to before
And our memories spill
Adding on as they pour
From our Saturdays and secret sensations
Drink a drink to tonight
Whisky words tumble down in the street
With the pain that they cure
Sentimentally yours
From Killermont Street

And with collar upturned
I made it south to see
That the love I had spurned
Was just the hate in me

As the ships and the steel
Slip away to the cry of ‘compete’
There’s a message for us
We can get there by bus
From Killermont Street

To buy the music of Aztec Camera click HERE

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Winter Wonderland

With the thaw due to kick in today I thought it worthwhile to post some phtos taken on the iPhone from around Houston taken over the last week or so.

“In The Bleak Midwinter” Bert Jansch

“Winter -Four Seasons” – Vivaldi

“Walk Out To Winter” – Aztec Camera

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Blast From The Past – Aztec Bar

Often looked upon as Cadbury’s answer the the Mars Bar but no longer with us.

“Good Morning Britain” – Aztec Camera

Jock’s got a vote in Parochia
Ten long years and he’s still got her
Paying tax and and doing stir
Worry about it later.
And the wind blows hot and the wind blows cold
But it blows us good so we’ve been told
Music’s food ’til the art-biz folds
Let them all eat culture.

The past is steeped in shame,
But tomorrow’s fair game,
For a life that’s fit for living
Good morning Britain.

Twenty years and a loaded gun
Funerals, fear and the war ain’t won
Paddy’s just a figure of fun
It lightens up the danger.
And a corporal sneers at a catholic boy
And he eyes his gun like a rich man’s toy
He’s killing more than celtic joy
Death is not a stranger.

Taffy’s time’s gonna come one day
It’s a loud sweet voice and it won’t give way
A house is not a holiday
Your sons are leaving home Neil.
In the hills and the valleys and far away
You can hear the song of democracy
The echo of eternity
With a Rak-a-Rak-a feel.


From the Tyne to where to the Thames does flow
My English brothers and sisters know
It’s not a case of where you go
It’s race and creed and colour.
From the police cell to the deep dark grave
On the underground’s just a stop away
Don’t be too black, don’t be too gay
Just get a little duller.

But in this green and pleasant land,
Where I make my home, I make my stand
Make it cool just to be a man,
A uniform’s a traitor.
Love is international
And if you stand or if you fall,
Just let them know you gave your all,
Worry about it later.


To buy the music of Aztec Camera click HERE

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Rubber Soul

rubber soul

Let me now introduce you to what many regard as the first classic Beatles album “Rubber Soul”, released on the 3rd December 1965 it will have been found in many a teenager’s stocking that Christmas.

The cover yet again featured a photograph by Robert Freeman though the stretched image was come across by accident rather than intent when a card onto which he was projecting a slide slipped thus creating the stretching image.

The sleeve was also the first not to feature the word “Beatles” on the front cover, perhaps every one in the world knew their face by then. As for the term “Rubber Soul” it was based on the term “plastic” soul which McCartney had heard used to describe Mick Jagger’s singing style.

Rubber Soul Session With the Plastic Soul Mr Jagger

Rubber Soul Session With the Plastic Soul Mr Jagger

For me though the album will always have a place in my heart due to the inclusion of both Fiona and my own favourite Beatles’ song “In My Life”

Rather than the original here is the great Roddy Frame, of Aztec Camera, with his solo rendition.

There are places i’ll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends i still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life i’ve loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When i think of love as something new
Though i know i’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know i’ll often stop and think about them
In my life i love you more

Though i know i’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know i’ll often stop and think about them
In my life i love you more
In my life i love you more

Musically the albums represents a couple of firsts:-

First appearance of the George Harrison sitar on Norwegian Wood, now I’m not a big fan of the sitar as on hearing it my stomach immediately prepares for a deluge of curry but I do like this song and the other Harrison demo “While My Sitar Gently Weeps…..Pakora Sauce” regrettably the latter only exists in my imagination.

First album on which George Martin manipulated the recorded sound, first of many as it happens, in this instance speeding up the taped sound of piano to sound like the a harpsichord for the bridge in “In My Life”

So you get to hear the original after all!!

Paul with Rubber Soul

For more information on this album click HERE

To buy The Beatles music click HERE


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Houston In The Snow



Bonnie & Blue

Bonnie & Blue

Time For Fun In The Range Rover

Time For Fun In The Range Rover

Here are the brilliant Aztec Camera and “Walk Out To Winter”


Buy the album High Land, High Rain HERE


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