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New Music – Anna Calvi

 Now and then an artist comes along who is hard to pigeon hole….step forward the wonderful Anna Calvi.

The NME have described her self titled debut album, released last week, as “the first great album of 2011”

The story however really began to kick in last year when her cover of the Edith Piaf  song “Jezebel” became a worldwide web hit with bloggers.

Whilst some people reference her to PJ Harvey I prefer as a source influence Nina Simone meets Siouxsie Soux, her own website covers it nicely.

“Anna Calvi’s debut is an honest distillation of her talents as a songwriter, singer and guitar player. Haunted by the timeless sounds of Nina Simone and Maria Callas, as well as the classical romanticism of Ravel and Debussy, and the rock innovations of Jimi Hendrix and Captain Beefheart, the record is both mysterious and decadent, nostalgic and forward looking.”

“Suzanne and I” – Anna Calvi

To buy the music of Anna Calvi click HERE

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