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Clare Maguire is being hotly tipped as the next “big thing” and there is no doubt she has a strong booming voice, however, she seems to be getting directed down a mainstream coffee table market which is well illustrated by the track below taken from her forthcoming debut album “Light After Dark”

“Ain’t Nobody” – Clare Maguire

There is no doubt she has the spirit to become a quality songwriter and singer as she is far removed from a manufactured “artist”.

Prior to landing a deal she worked in shops, bars and restaurants in order to earn enough money to move to London and work on her music. By night, she sat up making connections on MySpace, eventually pulling in an extraordinary 1.5 million hits to hear the rough demos she had posted on her page.

Eventually the industry could ignore her no more and after fierce competition from other labels, she signed to Universal Music at the age of 20.

In fairy tales and TV talent shows, this is where the story ends: with a single in the charts a week later. In the real world, for an artist who wants to do more than just sing along to pre-recorded backing tracks, this is where the hard work really starts.

What followed were two years of travelling, writing, recording and searching for a sound that felt right for her. In LA, she met Rick Rubin, who played her unreleased Johnny Cash demos and invited her to come with him to watch Leonard Cohen in rehearsal. In New York, Jay Z invited her for drinks in his restaurant and told her she had star quality: he could see it in her eyes.

With this background hopes were high and on bringing on board as a collaborator Fraser T Smith (whose credits includes Britney, Cee-Lo, Tinchy Stryder, Ellie Goulding and James Morrisson), the songs on Light After Dark came quickly.

Her biography notes that most took just a day to write; in some, the vocals were recorded in the first take, capturing them while they were still raw and real.

Hopefully the full album release will echo this because she is just too good to be trapped as a “pop singer”.

To buy the music of Clare Maguire click HERE

The above is a case for the prosecution, below is the case for the defence….strip it down and keep it simple!

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