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I’m Absolutely Hank Marvin

………………nothing to do with any lack of food merely an excuse to bring you this Richard Hawley tribute to Hank Marvin from his “Just Like The Rain” EP.

“I’m Absolutely Hank Marvin” – Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley had admired Hank from a young age and having originally written the song he decided not to use it to prevent being accused of being a Marvin copyist.

However, his manager maintained that it was worthy of recording, Richard set the manager a challenge that he would only record it with Hank playing on it as well.

After hearing the track Hank approved and did agree to contributing to the recording, however Richard didn’t get the chance to meet him as hank e-mailed his contribution from his base in Australia leaving Richard to play the lap steel element, so in reality this should have a Hawley/Marvin credit.

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