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2010 Top 30 New and Old #15

The Swimmer One album Dead Orchestras was another late arrival for me in 2010.

Prompted by my liking of Andrew Eaton’s solo project Seafieldroad I checked out his bands output and bought the album on the strength of hearing this particular song which attracted me given I cross the song’s topic twice almost every day of the week.

“The Erskine Bridge” – Swimmer One

I thought I’d end up here, I even knew where to park the car.
I thought I’d drive out here, I even wrote a goodbye note
but I am so scared of exits, I cling like a coward to the railings
then silently scream at the traffic while the water indifferently flows
under the Erskine Bridge

I’m sorry for all the pain. I’m sorry for all of the heartbreak I caused you.
I didn’t know myself or understand anything that I felt for you.
Too caught up in the water’s indifference to everything we built above it,
The way it says: ‘Any time I like, I could rise up and smash that bridge
And carry you all out to sea.’

And if i had loved you more, and if I had been content
with feeling safe and solid as bricks in a bridge it still would not be enough.
I am tired of feeling numb, like there’s so much guilt and anger trapped inside
that there’s nothing to do but jump, just to watch it all explode into the sky.
There is no escaping the sadness of love, the cruelty of love,
the violence, the cold cold water.

So I will be leaving but I won’t go that way
because I don’t believe in all these tall buildings.
They are not ours, we should tear them down.
Yes I will be leaving but I won’t go that way
because if I don’t do something I will always be here in the shadow of the Erskine Bridge.

The river has burst its banks, everything’s floating away out to sea.
I am not scared.

To buy the music of Swimmer One click HERE

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For the second year I participated in Vinyl Villian’s Paul Haig Day (click HERE).

However for most of the year I have actually spent more time listening to the great Paul Haig and Billy MacKenzie album “Memory Palace” from which this little rocker has become a firm favourite.

“Listen Again” – Haig/MacKenzie

To buy this album click HERE

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