Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

2010 Top 30 New and Old #23

This is a late entry to my Top 30 having only bought the album last week.

John Grant is an American singer-songwriter. He recently launched his career as a solo artist, having previously been lead vocalist with The Czars.

He released his debut solo album Queen of Denmark on April 6, 2010. It was recorded in collaboration with Midlake, and released on Bella Union.

Described as a deeply personal album it was chosen as Best Album of 2010 by the music magazine Mojo.

“Where Dreams Go To Die” – John Grant

Your Beauty is Unstoppable, your confidence unspeakable
I know you know I know you know, that I know that you know
I’m willing to do anything, to get attention from you dear, even
though I don’t have anything that I could bargain with

This is like a well-oiled machine, could I please see that smile again?
It’s all that makes me feel like I am living in this world, I see you closing
all the doors, I see the walls as they go up, I know it’s what you have to do
I’d probably do the same thing to, my dear

Baby, you are where dreams go to die, and I regret the day
your lovely carcass caught my eye, baby, you are where dreams go to die
and I’ve got to get away I don’t want to but I have to try, oh baby

You have to play your part my dear, I’ve written it all down for you
it doesn’t matter if the things, you say to me aren’t true,
just do it then I’ll let you go, just say the words and say them slowly
I promise i’ll tell no one, yes I cross my heart and hope to die

To buy the music of John Grant click HERE

My favourite Rolling Stones album has always been “Let It Bleed” with 1978’s “Some Girls” also a personal favourite.

I never really saw what all the fuss was about regarding “Exile On Main Street” that was until I bought the remastered edition back in March and suddenly it all clicked and made sense, now it must be the “rock and roll” album by which all are judged, totally majestic!

“Loving Cup” – The Rolling Stones

To buy the music of The Rolling Stones click HERE

To view a previous post on The Rolling Stones click HERE

Fiona’s favourite Stones track was “Gimme Shelter” from “Let It Bleed” so here as a bonus is a great cover version by Merry Clayton

“Gimme Shelter” – Merry Clayton

To buy the music of Merry Clayton click HERE


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