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2010 Top 30 New and Old #24

C.W. Stoneking’s album, ‘Jungle Blues’ was inspired in part by Stoneking’s amazing experience as a survivor of a shipwreck off Africa’s West Coast.

For the uninitiated, the first shock on listening to this is discovering that it was recorded in 2008, and not some eighty years earlier. The second is that the artist is, in fact, a young Australian and not a grizzled Delta bluesman holed up in some southern swamp.

Perfectly capturing various musical styles and moods of the twenties and thirties without the slightest hint of pastiche – field holler, calypso, blues, voodoo and folk are all brilliantly represented as illustrayed by this my favourite track from the album.

“Jungle Lullaby” – C.W. Stoneking

To buy the music of C.W. Stoneking click HERE

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2010 saw us lose many great musical artists amongst which was the highly influential Alex Chilton who passed away on the 17th March.

Alex and his group Big Star were never rewarded with the level of commercial success they deserved but are often named as a key influence by so many mainstream bands and artists.

Released in 1974, Radio City was recorded during 1973 at Memphis’ Ardent Studios. Though not a commercial success at the time, it is now recognized as a milestone album in the history of power pop music.

Critically acclaimed upon its release, the record sold poorly, partly due to a lack of promotion and the distribution problems of the band’s struggling record label, Ardent Records.

The album included “September Gurls” and “Back of a Car”, which remain among the most famous Big Star songs; both the Searchers and the Bangles have covered “September Gurls”.

“September Gurls” – Big Star

To buy the music of Big Star click HERE

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