Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

2010 Top 30 New and Old #27

Ever year there is the odd “grower”, songs which don’t hit home immediately but which get there eventually and normally stay with you longer that those which hit fast then disappear.

As they say if something is worth having it is worth waiting for and so it was with this track from Cherry Ghost which I bought in July, though the last few months have seen it on constant play.

“My God Betrays” – Cherry Ghost

To buy the music of Cherry Ghost click HERE

To view an earlier post on Cherry Ghost click HERE

James Grant has probably been my artist of the year.

His 2009 album “Strange Flowers” grew on me throughout the year (sorry about the pun) with the song “The Hallowing Touch” becoming a particular favourite.

All this was cemented by a brilliant recent live performance from James at my local pub The Fox and Hounds in Houston.

“The Hallowing Touch” – James Grant

To buy the music of James Grant click HERE

To view one of my many previous posts on James Grant click HERE

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