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“One From The Heart” – Tom Waits

I have been listening to Tom Waits a fair bit this week and in doing so I again rediscovered the gem that is “One From The Heart”

The film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and whilst he characters themselves don’t actually sing the powerful score dominates the movie.

It is set entirely in Las Vegas, on the Las Vegas Strip and the desert surrounding the city.

Though the film realistically evokes the feeling of being on the busy Las Vegas Strip, there were no location shots used in the film. Rather, it was shot on studio sound stages, with the single exception of one space on the back lot for a “Las Vegas junkyard” set, described by a character in the film as being “the garden of the Taj Mahal”.

The soundtrack was written by Tom Waits and was recorded from October 1980 to September 1981, and released in 1982.

It was during this period that Waits met his wife Kathleen Brennan, an employee at the studio where it was recorded.

Crystal Gayle features prominently on the record, performing either solo or in duets with Waits. The soundtrack was nominated for an Academy Award for Original Music Score.

“This One’s From The Heart” – Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle

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One of the tracks from the soundtrack which was sung by Crystal Gayle was “Old Boyfriends”

This was covered by one of my all time favourite singers Claire Martin (above) on her 1994 album of the same name.

“Old Boyfriends” – Claire Martin

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