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New Music – Paul Simon (Christmas Song)

Paul Simon has a new album scheduled for March 2011 titled “So Beautiful Or So What”, however, a track has just been made available now because it is…………a christmas song!

“Getting Ready For Christmas Day” – Paul Simon

From early in November to the last week on December
I got money matters weighing me me down
Oh the music may be merry but it’s only temporary
I know Santa Claus is coming to town
In the days I work my day job
In the nights I work my night
But all comes down to waking on last day
Getting ready ready for Christmas day

I got a nephew in Iraq
It’s his third time back
But we’re pretending .. again
With the luck of a beginner
He’ll be eating turkey dinner
Somewhere .. in Pakistan

Getting ready oh we’re getting ready
For the power and the glory and the story
Of Christmas day (repeats)

If I could tell my mum and dad
That the things that we never had
Didn’t matter we were always ok
Getting ready ready for Christmas day

Getting ready oh we’re getting ready
For the power and the glory and the story
Of Christmas day

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Named after and sampling the last recorded sermon by pre-war American Christian preacher and gospel singer Reverend J.M. Gates, its lyrics and title reference the holiday, but not in the happy way traditional holiday music does. The song covers topics like a relative spending the holiday in Iraq, and not having very much money (probably not an actual issue for Simon, but that’s besides the point).

“Getting ready for Christmas Day. And let me tell you, namely, the undertaker, he’s getting ready for your body. Not only that, the jailer he’s getting ready for you. Christmas day. Hmm? And not only the jailer, but the lawyer, the police force. Now getting ready for Christmas day, and I want you to bear it in mind” Reverend Gates


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