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Liam Gallagher is back, for better or worse, with a new group called Beady Eye.

Bring The Light – the first song to be taken from next year’s as-yet-untitled debut album – was made available to download this morning and is the first new music to rise from the ashes of the Oasis funeral pyre.

“Bring The Light” – Beady Eye

Gallagher’s previous assertion that “a lot of it sounds more like T. Rex or really old rock’n’roll like Jerry Lee Lewis,” is startlingly borne out. The oily whirlpool of guitars that defined the last decade of Oasis albums has been replaced by a boogieing, barrelhouse piano riff and a lean production that reminds us of a glammed-up Status Quo or a Jim Jones Revue minus the ear-exploding, psychobilly edge. Producer Steve Lillywhite has even found a soupçon of Elvis-reverb for Liam’s lead vocal.

The change seems to have done him the world of good which means that on Bring The Light Liam and his reconfigured band sound pared-back and peppy.

So here’s Gem Archer, employing his Paul McCartney guitar fills to spiky effect in the breaks, while Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock use their prior experience as Noel Gallagher‘s purposefully unfunky rhythm section to tap into the song’s pugilistic pulse.

Let’s remember that Sharrock  gives the other three something they’ve never really had before: an exciting drummer to work off. In the annals of Oasis history, only The Who’s Zak Starkey comes close.

Alongside the female backing vocals, it’s Sharrock – dusty snare drum snap in tow – that fuels Liam’s sneers of “baby, c’mon” and really seems to make the choruses swing. Liam Gallagher may have rocked and roared, but he’s never, ever swung.

Ross Bennett (edited source

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Joy Division

A new Joy Division box set is scheduled for release later this year it varies from the previously released “Heart And Soul” 4CD set in that this will be a collection of  7″ vinyl records.

The set, named ‘+-‘, will feature ten 7″ records, some of which have been released previously and some that have been created for this release.

The tracks have been remastered by Stephen Morris and Metropolis StudiosFrank Arkwright, while the box features new artwork from the band’s long-time visual collaborator Peter Saville.

‘+-‘, out on December 6, is limited to 5000 copies, with numbers one to 500 coming individually numbered and featuring a piece of art by Saville.

There will also be a digital release via iTunes, while anyone buying the physical edition will be able to download MP3s of the tracks free.

See for release details.

The tracklisting, picked by journalist Jon Savage, is:

A. ‘Warsaw’
B. Leaders Of Men

A: ‘No Love Lost’
B: ‘Failures’

A: ‘Digital’
B: ‘Glass’

A: ‘Autosuggestion’
B: ‘From Safety To Where’

A: ‘Transmission’
B: ‘Novelty’

A: ‘Atmosphere’
B: ‘Dead Souls’


A: ‘Komakino’
B1: ‘Incubation’
B2: ‘As You Said’

A: ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’
B: ‘These Days’

A: ‘Isolation’
B: ‘Heart And Soul’

The release date is however possibly under threat due to a lawsuit arising from the Peter Saville artwork for the packaging.

Washington DC based indie label Teenbeat Records have stepped forward to claim that the design for ‘+ -‘ is not entirely original. Pitchfork reports that the label have taken legal steps against the release of the box set.

Teenbeat has a band on their roster called + – and they contend that the new art work is too similar to the group’s own logo. Specifically, the imprint point to the cover of +/-‘s 2002 Teenbeat album ‘Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album’.

In a Facebook posting the label said: “American media company Teen-Beat and New York-based rock band +/- {Plus/Minus} have filed suit against Rhino Records U.K., Warner Music, and Peter Saville Associates in the High Court of Justice, London (U.K.) for trademark infringement and plagiarism.”

Make up your own mind by viewing the two designs below:-





Original sources :- and

A: ‘She’s Lost Control’ (12-inch Version)
B: ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart 2’ (Pennine Version)

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