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New Music – Lauren Pritchard

Lauren Pritchard is the latest touted singer songwriter from what at present seems to be a never ending conveyor belt.

Born in Tennessee she is now a resident of Shepherd’s Bush, London though her career really kicked in while she was living in Los Angeles where as often happens things didn’t go to plan and homeless and broke she was ready to give up the dream when her friend Riley Keough offered to let her move in with her and her mum, one Lisa Marie Presley.

Things start to look up and after a move to New York and a spell in a Broadway musical she finally pens a meaningfull record contract.

Restless as ever her journey takes her to London where she meets and immediately hits it off with Eg White. With a notebook full of self-penned lyrics, she sets about making the stunning debut album that is “Wasted In Jackson”.

The album is released on 25th October, however, her latest single “Not The Drinking” is available now.

Scottish music pundit Billy Sloan has been raving about her and whilst the above track is above average this song “When The Night Kills The Day”  is nearer the mark for me.

This track is available now via the “Jackson Sessions EP”

Lauren Pritchard recently appeared in Glasgow, here from her blog is her thoughts on the experience.

Lauren Pritchard Live in Glasgow

Day 8, Gig 7 – returning the Scot

Cammy, our FOH is a born & bred Scot thru and thru. A Glaswegian and it’s a great to be with him in the city today.

Glasgow (don’t tell London) is my favorite city in the UK. I love it. I love the people. I love Merchant City. I love the vintage shops. I love Mother India, the greatest curry house in the world. And I love the accent. And I wish I could do one!

Pearl & the Puppets are joining us today for our gig at Oran Mor. I’ve seen the inside many a time but I’m giddy to be playing it and headlining tonight! And though it’s chilly, it’s sunny outside so it cancels out anything else that might be bad.

I plan on having a pint with my Scottish mates before and after the gig. Gotta soak it all up while I’m this far north. Just pray for me Saturday morning. My head won’t like me in the morning I reckon. Ooooopie daisy!!!



You can purchase her live ep “iTunes Festival London 2010” by clicking HERE

“Wasted In Jackson” (Live) – Lauren Pritchard

To buy the music of Lauren Pritchard click HERE

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