Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Sally Seltmann

Sally Seltmann (born 1975) is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter.  Until 2009, she performed under the alias New Buffalo.

With her new full-length record, she sheds her former identity to offer her first album as Sally Seltmann.

After the stripped-back elegance of her previous works, Sally returns with an album titled ” Heart That’s Pounding” that resounds with confidence, megawatt melodies and energising joy.

“Dream About Changing” – Sally Seltmann

Key influences for the albums were songs like The Bangles’ Manic Monday and Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. She also drew inspiration from the David Lynch classic Twin Peaks, and from the soulful live performances of Nina Simone.

Tracks like Dream About Changing and Harmony To My Heartbeat have a bounding life-force.

On The Borderline and Heart That’s Pounding have complex shades of darkness, hiding behind what first appears to be ordinary and everyday.

‘A confident new beginning.’

To buy the music of Sally Seltmann click HERE


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