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Richard Thompson

I caught the great Richard Thompson on one of BBC4’s super Songwriter shows which went out over the weekend.

Playing with Suzanne Vega and Loudon Wainwright III he played “Keep Your Distance” from his 1991 album “Rumor and Sigh”.

No doubt that acoustic performance with beret in place will feature soon via YouTube in the meantime it set me off into the depths of my iPod where I rediscovered this witty gem from the same album.

“Don’t Sit On My Jimmy Shands” – Richard Thompson

When the party hit full swing
I saw you come reeling in
You had that six pack in a stranglehold
Now you stagger, now you sway
Why don’t you fall the other way
‘Cos I’ve got something here worth more than gold
Don’t sit on my Jimmy Shands
Don’t sit on my Jimmy Shands
They don’t mend with sticky tape and glue
Don’t sit on my Jimmy Shands
Don’t sit on my Jimmy Shands
That’s my very best advice to you
Call me precious I don’t mind
78s are hard to find
You just can’t get the shellac
Since the war
This one’s the Beltona brand
Finest label in the land
They don’t make them like that any more
Darling though you’re twice my size
I don’t mean to patronize
Honey, let me lead you by the hand
Find a lap or find a chair
You can park it anywhere
Just don’t rest your cheeks against my man
No shindig is half complete
Without that famous polka beat
That’s why they invite me, I suppose
Waltzes, Strathspey’s, eightsome reels
Now you know how good it feels
Crank that handle babe, away she goes

To buy the music of Richard Thompson click HERE

For more information on Jimmy Shand click HERE


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