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Neil Young – Le Noise (Update)

The new Neil Young album Le Noise, was released yesterday.  Young and producer Daniel Lanois recorded the album in a Los Angeles mansion earlier this year. 

An angry folk album at heart, it braces Young’s stalwart folk-rock songs against a barrage of whirligig sounds usually better suited to emerging electro bands from Brooklyn.

Some though may find this unlistenable whilst others may regard it as another classic epic such is how Young’s music can divide the positive is that he can never be described as boring or even conventional.

Thus the songs and the recording process have some of Neil’s usual weirdness: He only recorded on nights when there was a full moon and brought out his big white electric Gretsch guitar, which was used to record some of his most famous records in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

In summary Le Noise demands more effort than some listeners might be willing to put in, but at its best, it repays that effort pretty handsomely. In that sense at least, it pretty much sums up Neil Young’s entire career.

To buy the music of Neil Young click HERE

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