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Elisabeth Maurus trading as Lissie could well be a new Joni Mitchell for the new generation.

Although her first full album “Catching a Tiger” has only recently been released she has been around for a few years.

“When I’m Alone” is available now as a single.

I just love the way that one guy (Lewis Keller) can play bass guitar and drums at the same time, drummers need to be able to individually control their feet and hands to create the right beat and sound this is hard enough but to get your brain to deal with bass playing and drumming is something else.

I first came across her by accident watching the BBC coverage of Glastonbury when she appeared at the festival at large and specifically for the BBC where she performed this track “Little Lovin'” from the album.

One of my favourite songs from the album is the more downbeat “Oh Mississippi” written with Ed Harcourt, a great singer and songwriter in his own right, which first appeared on her EP “Why You Runnin'”

“Oh Mississippi” – Lissie

Oh mighty river
The Mississippi
Turbulent waters
Lull me to sleep

Please take my hand
I will go gently
Your arms around me
you’ll be my man

The leaves are changin?
I cross this road
To make my last walk
In that warm sunshine

Oh mighty river
Oh Mississippi
Oh all the troubles your banks have seen

Carry their stories from north to south
But round these parts you’re westward bound

The factories closin?
Kids have grown so fast
Lift up their woe please
As you flow past

Oh witness river
You have seen it all
Now do your waters
Have room for one more

Oh endless river
As you transcend
Please take me with you
Far from this land

The album has been well received by the critics.

In a very positive review, BBC writer Mike Diver writes “California native Lissie Maurus makes a man sick to his stomach. Not because she’s no good – rather the exact opposite. Catching a Tiger is a debut that dreams beyond typical new artist parameters. It is the work of a girl who looks, even with a fag hanging from her pale lips, like an alt-fashion model. But she sounds like one of the greatest female vocalists of a generation, arguably without even really trying.”

Whilst Sammy Richman of The Independent writes in a positive review that “(Lissie’s) debut album is as refreshing a slice of pop as these jaded ears have heard in years, channeling Edie Brickell one moment, Stevie Nicks the next, and Bobbie Gentry at will.”

Finally as a bonus here is her great cover of one of Metallica’s finest monents “Nothing Else Matters”

To buy the music of Lissie click HERE

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