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New News – John Lennon

John Lennon‘s solo albums have been remastered to mark the late singer’s 70th birthday.

Yoko Ono and a team of engineers led by Allan Rouse at London‘s Abbey Road Studios and by George Marino at New York‘s Avatar Studios have helped re-work all eight of his albums and several newly-compiled titles.

“In this very special year, which would have seen my husband and life partner John reach the age of 70, I hope that this remastering/reissue programme will help bring his incredible music to a whole new audience,” Ono said.

“By remastering 121 tracks spanning his solo career, I hope also that those who are already familiar with John‘s work will find renewed inspiration from his incredible gifts as a songwriter, musician and vocalist and from his power as a commentator on the human condition. His lyrics are as relevant today as they were when they were first written.”

All of the remastered albums and collections will be available on CD and for download around the time of Lennon‘s birthday on October 9. For more information go to


John Lennon Live In New York is currently screening in the UK on Sky Arts 1

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A Big Thank You To You All

It has been running close over the last few months but June 2010 saw more than 50,000 hits in a month for this blog, 54,445 to be precise.

Now this is very small in comparison to most sites on the web but for me it gives me some satisfaction that my wide musical taste is being tapped into by others and if only one person discovers a liking for a song, album or band that has passed them by for whatever reason then it is all worth while as I myself have benefited from such surprise discoveries.

The blog was never set up to seek popularity it’s key objective was and remains to provide some “therapy” for me away from the stresses and strains of normal life, if along the way people find some pleasure or interest in the music that I promote, the news I spread or the occasional bit of humour I deliver then that is a big bonus.

With the recent passing of Alex Chilton this seems so more appropriate.

“Thank You Friends” – Big Star

Thank you, friends
Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you
I’m so grateful for all the things you helped me do.

All the ladies and gentlemen
Who made this all so probable

Thank you, friends
I rejoice to the skies
Dear ones like you do the best I do
As far as can see my eyes

All the ladies and gentlemen
Who made this all so probable

Without my friends I got chaos
I’m often a bead of light.
Without my friends I’d be swept up high by the wind

do, do…….

All the ladies and gentlemen (I said all)
All the ladies and gentlemen (I said all)
All the ladies and gentlemen
Who made this all so probable

Thank you friends (thank you again)
Thank you friends (thank you again)
Dear, dear friends (thank you again)
Thank you friends (thank you again)
And again, and again….
Never too late to start

To buy the music of Big Star click HERE

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Jack Bruce Composing Himself

The above book is on my wants list for my upcoming 50th Birthday (I know I can’t quite believe it is so soon) my family place an embargo on me purchasisng CD’s, DVD’s and books before such events so I will have to wait a bit longer.

In the meantime I saw this great video via which prompted this post.

I will return with a fuller Jack Bruce post when I finish the book, in the meantime here he is with the late great Rory Gallagher

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