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New Music – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

This seems to be a month for ladies with big……………..voices.

The latest is the great Grace Potter & The Nocturnals who are a Vermont-based band that gained attention in 2007 with their album, This Is Somewhere.

Their next, self-titled studio album was released on June 8, 2010.

The band blends funky blues, soul and rock from the 60s and early 70s as you can tell from this track from their new album.

“Tiny Light” – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

The lead vocalist is 27-year-old multi-instrumentalist Grace Potter, who attended St. Lawrence University for two years before pursuing music professionally. She plays the Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer Electric Piano and electric and acoustic guitars.

The other members of the band are Scott Tournet, on guitars (including slide guitar) and harmonica, and drummer Matthew Burr. Bryan Dondero played bass guitar, upright bass, and mandolin with the group until his departure in early 2009.

They have since been joined by bassist Catherine Popper and rhythm guitarist Benny Yurco.

Here they are with a cover of a classic Jefferson Airplane track.

Their latest album peaked at #6 on iTunes Top 100 album and #2 on iTunes Rock Albums Chart. The opening track, “Paris (Ooh La La)”, and iTunes bonus track “Fooling Myself” was in the Top 40 and Top 100, respectively, on iTunes Rock Songs Chart.

To buy their music click HERE

Here is some earlier footage from 2006.

Proof that often pre-gloss is best!!!!!!!!

Bonus from the Craig Ferguson Show

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Friday Fun – Happy DJ

I will have a pint of what this guy is on!

“Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” – Indeep

To buy the music of Indeep click HERE

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Blast From The Past – The Laserdisc

Video may have killed the radio star but Blue-Ray now rules supreme

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Wednesday Words – My God Betrays

Andy Wardle Photography

Today’s “Wednesday Words” is the song “My God Betrays” from the superb new album from Cherry Ghost titled “Beneath This Burning Shoreline”.

“My God Betrays” – Cherry Ghost

Beneath This Burning Shoreline is their second album released on July 5, 2010 via Heavenly Records.

The band recorded the album themselves with Dan Austin, who co-produced their debut album Thirst for Romance.

The album’s opening track, “We Sleep on Stones,” was offered as a free digital download on the band’s website in May 2010.

The album’s twelfth track, “Diamond in the Grind,” was posted on YouTube, set to a clip of Harold Lloyd’s 1924 silent film Girl Shy, in February 2010.

A music video for the album’s first single “Kissing Strangers” premiered in June 2010. Lead singer Simon Aldred describes the song as “Sinatra-esque,” adding that, “I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written… it’s nice to have a single I’m really proud of.”

Beneath This Burning Shoreline was released to positive reviews, garnering 4 out of 5 star reviews from major publications such as Q, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Times.

The Guardian summarised that “Cherry Ghost are good at purveying glimpses of seedy lives… and exceptionally good arrangers of strings, guitar and thrumming synths into gorgeous symphonic pop.”

The Independent noted that, “The prevailing tone throughout is akin to that chastened postwar mood captured by Carol Reed in The Third Man; certainly, Aldred’s characters would not be out of place gazing down upon ant-people from a ferris wheel, or fleeing through sewers.

Cherry Ghost actually began in 2005, first as an alias for Simon Aldred as a solo artist, before morphing into a full band. Early sessions with Doves bassist and vocalist Jimi Goodwin and a special appearance on Later…with Jools Holland helped excel the band’s beginnings.

Cherry Ghost were one of only a handful of bands and musicians to have been invited onto Jools Holland’s programme before having released any material.

Cherry Ghost signed to Heavenly Records, and released their debut single “Mathematics” in April 2007.

The debut album, Thirst for Romance, was released in July 2007, following the release of the single “People Help the People” two weeks before, which charted on the UK Singles Chart at #27.

The album was met with generally positive reviews, and entered the UK Albums Chart at #7.

A third single, “4 AM,” was released in September 2007 and charted at #128. A live EP entitled iTunes Festival: Live in London, recorded in July 2007 at the iTunes Festival, was released digitally in November 2007.

In September 2007, Cherry Ghost were nominated for Best New Act at the 2007 Q Awards.[5] In early 2008, Cherry Ghost won an Ivor Novello Award for “People Help the People” in the category of Best Contemporary Song.[6]

To buy the music of Cherry Ghost click HERE

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Blast From The Past – The Photos

The Photos were a British new wave band fronted by Wendy Wu, who had a top 5 album in the UK in 1980. Much to their displeasure they were often referred to as Britain’s own “Blondie”.

The Photos were originally a punk band named Satan’s Rats that formed in Evesham, Worcestershire in 1977, with a first stable line-up of Paul Rencher (vocals), Steve Eagles (guitar/vocals), Dave Sparrow (bass guitar), and Olly Harrison (drums). They released three singles before Rencher left, and the others deciding to expand the group with the addition of a female singer; They unsuccessfully tried to get Big in Japan’s Jayne Casey to join, but convinced Wendy Wu (born Wendy Cruise, 29 November 1959), the former manager of pub rock band City Youth to join in 1979.

The Photos signed to CBS Records but moved on to Epic Records after one single.

 They released their self-titled album  in 1980 and number of singles. These included “I’m so Attractive” and “Barbarellas” (concerning the closure of a Birmingham nightclub).

The album was successful, reaching number 4 in the UK Albums Chart, and Wu’s picture was briefly a regular item in the music press.

Initial copies of the vinyl release of the album came with a bonus album, The Blackmail Tapes, the additional tracks also included on the cassette release, included demos of their own songs together with a few cover versions such as this.

“Lady Is A Tramp” – The Photos

The album was later re-released in CD format, although only a limited number of copies were pressed. The CD was re-released in October 2007 by Cherry Red Records, the label originally due to have signed the band before they were contracted to CBS. The re-release includes some additional tracks including “I’m So Attractive”.

Their scheduled appearance on BBC Television’s Top of the Pops was cancelled due to industrial action.

A second album, Crystal Tips and Mighty Mice, was released in promotional form in 1981, but withdrawn before it reached the shops, and reissued by Cherry Red Records in 2008.

Wu left the band in 1981, to be replaced by Che, and The Photos split up later that year.

Wu went on to release some generally poorly-received solo singles during 1982 and 1983 and joined Steve Strange to form the duo Strange Cruise in 1986.

The Photos reformed without Wu, and with Angus Hines replacing Harrison, although this line-up only released one single, “There’s Always Work”, in 1983. They were joined by Wu for a one-off gig at London’s Marquee Club, before finally disbanding. Steve Eagles became guitarist in Ted Milton’s Blurt, and later formed Bang Bang Machine.

To buy the music of The Photos click HERE

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Dr Who

“Doctorin’ The Tardis” (12″) – The Timelords/KLF


To buy the music of the KLF click HERE

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Sunday Sounds – Tracie

Spring, Summer, Autumn” – Tracie

Tracie (Tracie Young) was discovered by Paul Weller via an advert in Smash Hits magazine and was signed to his Respond Records label.

Although just 17 years old, Young replied and sent Weller a cassette of a Phoebe Snow-inspired version of the Betty Wright hit “Shoorah Shoorah”. Young’s tape was singled out from among the hundreds received, and shortly thereafter was invited to London for an audition.

Performing old soul numbers “Band of Gold” and “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” for the audition, Young impressed Weller enough to win the job and become his priority signing for the label.

Before recording solo work for Respond, Weller sought to increase exposure for Young. He promptly utilized her for backing vocals on The Jam’s final single, “Beat Surrender”, which was released on 26 November 1982 and became the band’s fourth #1 single. Weller also had Young join the group for their appearance on Top Of The Pops to promote the song.

In January 1983, Young contributed vocals for The Style Council’s first single, “Speak Like a Child”, and also appeared in the promotional video for the song.

As an unofficial member of the group, Young toured with The Style Council for part of 1983, while also performing as a solo artist as part of a Respond package tour

As Tracie he had UK hit singles in March of 1983 with “The House That Jack Built” and in July with “Give it Some Emotion”

Her debut album, Far From the Hurting Kind, was released in 1984, tt featured production, backing, and songwriting from Weller, including the song chosen for today’s “Sunday Sounds”, as well as an Elvis Costello song written especially for her, “(I Love You) When You Sleep”.

The album was reissued in Japan in 1996 and has now only recently been reissued here with the addition of all her singles plus bonus tracks.


Since the late 1990s Young has enjoyed a second career as a radio presenter, currently working at Southend Radio 105.1, Chelmsford Radio 107.7 and also Connect FM in Peterborough and Northamptonshire. In 2009 Young did a one-off gig, supporting Billy Franks (formerly of The Faith Brothers) at The Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The show was on June 6th 2009 and Tracie was backed by Southend rock band, Soliss. In the wake of the show, Young released a self-produced, limited edition six-song EP of previously released material, titled It Happened One Night…And Other Songs .

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Lie To Me

I don’t watch much television beyond movies and sport but I have to admit to being hooked on the latest US import “crime” series “Lie To Me” (Season 2) which is currently screening at 9pm each Thursday night on Sky1.

It was first broadcast in the US from January 2009.

In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language.

In May 2009, the show was renewed for a second season consisting of 13 episodes, Season 2 premiered on September 28, 2009.  On November 24, 2009, Fox ordered an extra nine episodes for season 2, bringing the season order to 22 episodes.

On May 12, 2010, Entertainment Weekly reported that Lie to Me received a 13-episode third season pick-up to start November 10, 2010.

Based on the real-life scientific discoveries of Paul Ekman, the series follows Lightman and his team of deception experts as they assist law enforcement and government agencies to expose the truth behind the lies.

The season opens with Cal and Gillian hiring a new associate: former TSA officer Ria Torres. Ria scored extraordinarily high on Cal’s deception detection diagnostic, and is labeled a “natural” at deception detection. Her innate talent in the field clashes with Cal’s academic approach, and he often shows off by rapidly analyzing her every facial expression. She counters by reading Lightman and when he least expects it, peppers conversations with quotes from his books.

It was gradually revealed that Dr. Lightman was driven to study micro-expressions as a result of guilt over his mother’s suicide; she claimed to have been fine in order to obtain a weekend pass from a psychiatric ward, when she was actually experiencing agony.

For a small number of the early episodes Lightman would team up with Torres working on a case, while Foster and Loker would team up on a separate case. Occasionally their work would intertwine or Foster or Lightman would provide assistance on each others cases. As the first season progressed, the cases became more involved and all four of the main characters would work together on one case for each episode. This formulaic technique is often used in the first episodes of a new series to help establish the characters.

In addition to detecting deception in subjects they interview, Lightman and his team also use various interviewing and interrogation tactics to elicit information that is useful to their cases. Rather than by force, they instead use careful lines of questions, provocative statements, theatrics and healthy doses of deception on their own part. In the show’s pilot episode, Lightman is speaking to a man who is refusing to speak at all, and is able to discern vital information by talking to him and gauging his reaction to each statement.

The theme tune to the series sounded like Colplay but on googling it I dicovered it is a song called “Brand New Day” by Ryan Star who it turns out is a winner of a reality television contest “Rock Star : Supernova” which perhaps explains why it sounds like someone else.

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“Cars” – Gary Numan

To buy the music of Gary Numan click HERE

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Friday Fun – Red Red Wine

We have all been there haven’t we, that moment when you are gasping for a glass of cheeky red but have no corkscrew………..well here is the solution.

Now for the UB40 classic…………………..aye right not on this site!

Here is Eric Clapton with a track from the extended version of his great “Rainbow Concert” album.

“Bottle Of Red Wine” – Eric Clapton

Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
I can’t get up out of bed
With this crazy feeling in my head.
Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.

Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
You hear what I say?
Gonna love you anyway.
Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.

I went to an all-night get together
And everyone I knew was there.
Had the love that would last forever.
Everywhere I looked, I saw you standing there.

Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
I can’t get up out of bed
With this crazy feeling in my head.
I said get up right now, oh oh.
I said get up right now.
Feel so bad this morning; got a terrible headache in my head.
Do me a favor, baby, do me a favor please.
Please get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
Get up, get up; get your man a big big bottle of red wine.

To buy the music of Eric Clapton click HERE

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