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“Back Home” Sooner Rather Than Later

Dawn breaks following another disappointing day for World Cup 2010 though more so for some than others.

I thought that football fans were fickle but the world champions are?

Step forward the English Media!

Fabio Capello led England through a near flawless qualifying campaign.

With the exception of injuries and Theo it is more or less the same squad which is “performing” in South Africa.

He has maintained the same tactics the fans favourite 4-4-2, he banned the WAG’s and kept all the same routines which brought success in qualification.

After two draws, both poor performances, the Manager is now according to the media arrogant, disrespectful to the media, playing the wrong system, playing players out of position blah blah blah.

Little has been said of the multi-millionaire players who now can’t cross, pass, shoot or save but can in Rooney’s case have a pop at unhappy fans who have spent thousands of pounds to support their team.

These are the same millionaires who continue to line their pockets via product TV advertising, even to the extent of Pringles!!!!

Bad as it is they remain one win away from qualifying which is are far as they have any right to expect.

Once again they the media will be forced to swallow their bravado and unrealistic expections and in doing so they will be looking for a head to roll.

There is a saying players win games and managers lose games, what is never in doubt it is the latter who’s head ends up rolling.

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Bonnie – One Year Gone


“My Bonnie” – Tony Sheridan with The Beatles

Bonnie & Blue

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