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American indie-pop newcomers The Drums have explained what marks them apart from their peers.

The world of indie pop is often derided for being cooler than thou, defeatist and afraid of success. Yet a new breed of groups taking their inspiration from C86 are proving that the music can gain a wider audience.

With their new album due out over the summer, The Drums could crack the mainstream. Mixing Factory Records style post-punk with a very indie sense of naivety, the band are tipped for huge success.

Speaking to the NME, Jonathan Pierce claims that The Drums will succeed – due to their ambition. “We’re ambitious,” he declared. “The big difference between us and a lot of other indie pop bands is we’re not afraid of success.”

Explaining his position, the singer referred to some British indie pop greats. “I’ve always felt The Field Mice should be the biggest band in the world” he claimed. “I don’t want to hide them away for myself.”

“That’s the difference between us and them, that’s the different mentality… I can’t think of anything more unattractive than wanting to be indie for indie’s sake.”

The Field Mice split in 1991, but were cult heroes due to their prominent role on cult label Sarah. Inspiring a generation of anorak clad indie kids, their back catalogue is well worth tracking down.


The Drums released their debut EP ‘Summertime’ last year. A shimmering of indie pop it gained the band a cult audience.

One of this year’s most talked about newcomers, the band recently showcased their debut in London with a secret show.

The Drums are due to release their debut album on June 7th.

“It Will All End In Tears” – The Drums

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