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There is a lovely article in this months Uncut on the best Kate Bush album “The Hounds Of Love”

In August 1985, the NME featured Bush in a “Where Are They Now” article. Two days later, on The Wogan Show, the single “Running Up That Hill” was played for the first time.

Considered by many reviewers to be her masterpiece, Hounds of Love (1985) is no less experimental than previous albums from a production standpoint. Because of the high cost of hiring studio space for her previous album, she built a private studio near her home, where she could work at her own pace. Hounds of Love ultimately topped the charts in the UK, knocking Madonna’s Like a Virgin from the number one position.

The album takes full advantage of the old vinyl format with two very different sides, offering very different listening experiences. The first side, Hounds of Love, contains five “accessible” pop songs (each examining a particular type of love), including the four singles “Running Up That Hill”, “Cloudbusting”, “Hounds of Love”, and “The Big Sky”.

 “Running Up That Hill” re-introduced Bush to American listeners and received considerable airplay at the time of its release. It expanded her small, but loyal, American fan base and climbed to number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1985.

The second side of the album, The Ninth Wave, takes its name from “The Coming of Arthur”, a chapter of Tennyson’s epic poem, “Idylls of the King”, about the legedary King Arthur’s reign, and is one continuous piece of music. Diving into a poetic, metaphorical dream-world, the music takes you through a night of dreams and nightmares, culminating in the apocalyptic “Hello, Earth” in which the narrator looks down at a decimated Earth from another planet, or heaven, or the astral plane (this has never been exactly defined) and mourns her lost world. For this piece, Kate enlisted the help of choral group The Richard Hickok Singers to write in an “alien” language what had been Latin lyrics. The album earned Bush nominations for Best Female Solo Artist, Best Album, Best Single, and Best Producer at the 1986 BRIT Awards.

Sometimes she can appear to be too clever for her own good but their is no doubting she has good taste when it comes to dogs.

To buy the music of Kate Bush click HERE

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  1. Claim to fame #1: Managed to see her live in concert at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Tha lady certainly produced some fabulous music.

    Comment by Robbo | May 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. The choral music in Hello Earth is a traditional Georgian song dedicated to all the fishermen who have lost their lives in the Black Sea (I’ve asked Georgian people to translate it and it seems to be about a man who walks passed a beautiful woman and he says something that upsets her… but the tone or style of the song is a tragic one)

    Here’s a great version by Hamlet Gonashvilli (aka The Voice of Gorgia)

    Comment by Alan | August 28, 2010 | Reply

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