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Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias (often erroneously spelled Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias) were a comedy rock band, formed in Manchester, England in 1973. Their story is told in the book ‘When We Were Thin’ (published 2007 by Hotun Press). The name of the band is a corruption of a Latin American band called Alberto y Los Trios Paraguayos.

They became a popular support act, supporting Hawkwind on their 1974 tour. The group mercilessly parodied the major rock names of the 70s – “Anadin” was a reworking of Lou Reed’s “Heroin” / “Sweet Jane”. By 1975 they were topping the bill in their own right and were supported by such acts as The Police, The Stranglers and Blondie. As with many comedy ensembles, the Albertos belied their comic aspirations by their exemplary musicianship and they released three albums and a variety of spoof discs, culminating in the musical play “Snuff Rock”.

It was however their next album released on Transatlantic Records in 1977 which became a cult listening experience in our group of friends.

From which I bring you this Holiday Monday classic

“Holiday Frog” – Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias

This was their “big” hit

To buy the music of the Albertos click HERE

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