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Blast From The Past – EMI Record Tokens

Despite much effort I have been unable to source a picture of an EMI Record Token.

People of my age who were music buyers will remember these well as they were always the opt out option for aunties and grannies who knew not what to buy you for your Birthday or Christmas present.

Getting them for a Christmas present I always found to be frustrating as for weeks afterward record shops were devoid of stock that you might actually want to buy with them.

The scrapping of EMI’s National Record Token Scheme was a huge own goal for the retailers as the scheme enabled your distant granny in Lands End to sent you a voucher as a present to Aberdeen where you could spend it in a variety of record stores thus actually receiving a present you wanted.

It was good old WH Smith who started the downfall by withdrawing from the scheme in 1995 and introducing their own voucher which could only be redeemed in their outlets. Given their shop in every big town they probably found out that whilst grannies from across the country were buying EMI Tokens from them fw were being redeemed given your average record buyer had better taste than WH Smith could offer.

When HMV jumped on the same bandwagon the days of the good old EMI Record Token were numbered.

“Man In The Corner Shop” – The Jam

Puts up the closed sign does the man in the corner shop
Serves his last then he says goodbye to him
He knows it is a hard life
But its nice to be your own boss really
Walks off home does the last customer
He is jealous of the man in the corner shop
He is sick of working at the factory
Says it must be nice to be your own boss (really)

Sells cigars to the boss from the factory
He is jealous is the man in the corner shop
He is sick of struggling so hard
Says it must be nice to own a factory

Go to church do the people from the area
All shapes and classes sit and pray together
For here they are all one
For God created all men equal

To buy the music of The Jam click HERE

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New Music – Sandi Thom

Sandi Thom (born Alexandria Thom on 11 August 1981) is a Scottish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Macduff in Aberdeenshire. She became widely known in 2006 after a series of webcasts secured her a record deal with RCA and the success of the single “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)”.

After two less than successfull albums she left RCA in 2008 and has now re-appeared in the form of a blues tinged rocker with no other than the highly rated Joe Bonamassa as her sidekick on the single “This Ol’ World” from the forthcoming album “Merchants and Thieves”

To buy the music of Sandi Thom click HERE

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