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Hot on the heels of Saturday’s Record Store Day posting I am about to start reading the above book which Fiona’s mum gave me as an Easter present.

The author Graham Jones was born in Liverpool and on leaving school had a series of meaningless jobs before finally getting a break in the music industry.

After managing the Cherry Boys he went on to run his own market stall, selling vinyl fruit bowls made from Beatles LPs melted into shape under a grill.

Finally he found his vocation travelling the country selling records, tapes and CDs to independent record stores, and never looked back – until now. One of the founders of Proper Music Distribution, the largest independently owned music distributor in the UK, he lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire with his son Ben.

 It’s easy to pick up a CD you fancy at Asda, or download (either legally or not) the latest release you’re after. But when you hear that there are only 305 independent record shops left in the UK, it makes you think.

It’s near impossible to pick up new and second hand vinyl records other thanat risk over the web or at record shops and record fairs.

These are shops run by people like you and I, including Alistair Ferguson who runs a great little shop in the what I still call the Bell Centre market in Dumbarton, not faceless corporations, but stores owned by local people providing a service. “If they carry on shutting at this rate, we’ll have no record shops left inside three years,” declares Graham Jones, “Now, I know that’s not going to happen, but that’s the plight we’re talking about.”

Last Shop Standing reveals tales from Jones’ time as a record distributor – and doesn’t hide from the grim tales of bribery, corruption and desperation, of the people involved at all levels of the music business.

I will let you know what I think of it once I’ve read it, in the meantime for more information on the book and where to buy it click HERE

“All Day Long” –  Shop Assistants

To buy the music of the Shop Assistants click HERE, no for once check out your local record shop.

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