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The Endless Note

Friday Fun – The Twitter Bird

Some people really need to have a good hard look at themselves….twits well named!

“Permissive Twit” – Gilbert O’Sullivan

Oh Heaven help our Linda
She’s really done it now
What’s more it’s all so obvious
I mean her stomachs sticking out
If father tells me’ mother
She’s bound to have a fit
Followed by a neat convulsion
Thanks to our permissive twit
She thinks his name was Ronald
Or was it Sid or Len
The only thing that’s certain
Is that it wasn’t Bill or Ben
Our parish priest God bless him
The very reverend Father Pitt
Will no doubt be preaching sermons
To our dear Permissive Twit
By now the word
Will no doubt have been heard
By almost every bleeding nosy parker in our alley
All except that is
Our own great aunt Liz
Who I hear’s been deaf since the day our Grace
Recorded Sally, Sally, Sally


Unless we raise the money
She’ll have to let it out
What I mean is she will have to
Have it the right way wrong way about
In other words let nature
Take it’s course and do it’s bit
For the sake of those concerned with
Own dear permissive
Dear permissive twit

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My Brilliant Feet

“My Brilliant Feat” – Colin Hay

Did someone call my name?
Like a distant drum is beating
Or is it just another dream of long ago?
I dance again I am spinning
In the light I am living
And I can feel the power rushing through my veins
Once upon a time I could do no wrong
For the candle flickers, the flame is never gone

To my brilliant feat
They all pay heed
I hear the crowds roar oh so loudly

Is it a game of chance
Or merely circumstances
A jack to a king and back
Then you have to pay to play
The world it won’t wait for you
Its got it’s own things to do
The sun’s gotta rise and drive another night away
And as i listen to the silence
I can hear thunder in the distance

To my brilliant feat
They all pay heed
I hear the crowds roar oh so loudly

To my brilliant feat
I make grown men weep
And still my eyes grow oh so cloudy

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