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The Godfathers

Veteran British rock’n’rollers The Godfathers are breaking out their sharp suits for a 25th anniversary tour.

This is their first full UK run in 15 years

The Godfathers were formed by Peter and Chris Coyne from the ashes of The Sid Presley Experience in 1985. After independent single releases produced by Vic Maile, and collected on their debut album, Hit By Hit, they signed to Epic Records in 1987.

“Can’t Leave Her Alone” – The Godfathers

Extensive tours of the UK, Europe and the United States followed. Their guitar-driven alternative rock sound foreshadowed the Britpop movement of the 1990s. The single “Birth, School, Work, Death” made the U.S. Billboard Top 40 in the late 1980s after heavy college radio airplay but they were only marginally recognised in the UK.

After the split of the original line-up the band briefly resurfaced in the 1990s and toured Europe and Australia. In 2003 Peter Coyne and Kris Dollimore contributed to an outfit called The Germans with Rat Scabies, formerly of The Damned. Mike Gibson released his first solo album in 2004 with the City Farmers. Lead guitarist Kris Dollimore is active on the British blues scene in London and the South East purveying his so-called ‘Medway Delta’ blues. George Mazur has been working as a session drummer overseas.

In 2008, the band began touring with its original line-up. In March 2009, the band announced a change – Del Bartle replacing Kris Dollimore – for its continued tour schedule.

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