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Yes your eyes don’t deceive you, James Last makes a first and last appearance on this blog and he only makes this appearance due to this mind warping version of the Hawkwind classic “Silver Machine”

Here’s the real thing

Whew the mind boggles.

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Cartoon group Gorillaz have spoken out on their recent collaboration with two founding members of The Clash.

Gorillaz were formed by Blur singer Damon Albarn and award winning cartoonist Jamie Hewlett. With a cast like that, it’s somewhat surprising to read that the band have indulged in serial collaborations.

However, when their new album ‘Plastic Beach’ contains Bobby Womack, Mark E Smith and members of The Clash it’s perhaps somewhat understandable. Speaking to The Guardian, cartoon star Murdoc revealed that The Clash are a huge inspiration for the group.

“For me the Clash were atomic, they were like what the scientists are doing at CERN in Geneva, smashing 800m protons into each other to recreate the events at the beginning of time” he revealed.

“Getting those two back together was like recreating the beginning of it all. ‘Clampdown’, ‘Safe European Home’, ‘Bankrobber’ and ‘Train In Vain’ are all in my desert island discs, the ones I sailed to my own plastic beach. I used my Jan Hammer records as a paddle when I lost my oar, so obviously they don’t mean as much to me.”

Continuing, the Gorillaz star mused on fact that the two group hail from the same area of London. “It is west London to the power of three: Paul Simonon and Mick Jones on a Gorillaz track recorded near Ladbroke Grove is denser than a dying sun” Murdoc claimed.

“Like the Clash, Gorillaz are a definitively west London band but one with a global international outlook. The Clash were chucking in punk, reggae, calypso, dub, rap, rockabilly. Gorillaz don’t really do rockabilly, but the rest is all in there”.

“Plastic Beach” – Gorillaz

Read the ClashMusic review of ‘Plastic Beach’ HERE.

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