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Minstrels, Poets & Vagabonds – The Rumbledown Band


The Rumbledown Band were never really a “band” but was really a “jam” of pals of Frankie Miller, primarily Andy Fraser from Free. The two of them worked up some songs together and would record demos.

The track below however also had the late great Paul Kossoff on it and as such was included in the Kossoff album “Blue Soul” which was a 1986 double album retrospective release of Kossoff’s career.

“I Know Why The Sun Don’t Shine” – The Rumbledown Band

You can buy “Blue Soul” by clicking HERE

As a bonus Frankie Miller also recorded the track below with the late great Rory Gallagher, the song was featured on the soundtrack to the movie “A Sense Of Freedom” which was the “true” story of Jimmy Boyle’s life on the tough streets of the Gorbals during the 1970’s.

Frankie & Rory

“A Sense Of Freedom” – Frankie Miller & Rory Gallagher

To buy the book click HERE

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