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Super Bowl – The CSI Half Time Show

Almost needed matchsticks in the eyes as I waited up to 1.30am this to see The Who rock the Super Bowl.

The show was without doubt visually spectacular, however, if you want to check out the band at their best then I would direct you to their performance from The Concert For New York back in 2001.

Don’t get me wrong the Super Bowl show was great but it was hindered to a degree by the limitations of the event.

The “set” is limited to a maximum of 12mins and whilst the lighting is awesome the sound is lacking the punch that you would get with the usual Who set up.

The technology and work that goes into putting on these half time shows is amazing when you consider the there is only 15mins to set up the centre of pitch stage.

As for the band’s setlist the small snippets from “Tommy” (Pinball Wizard’s opening and See Me Feel Me) were perhaps needless given that the remaining songs were targeted right at the CSI audience with Baba O’Riley, Who Are You and Won’t Get Fooled Again all having been used as theme tunes to variants of the CSI genre.

The Who chat boards are full of discussions relating to the degree of use of backing tapes, given the restrictions on sound systems for such a performance it would be of no surprise if some audio embellishment had been used.

Nevertheless it delivered what was promised a great half time attraction.

Long Live Rock

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