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The Endless Note

Sly Stone

He was the ’60’s funk soul brother number one, but a voracious appetite for drugs, money and excess caused him to crash and burn during three decades in a paranoid wilderness. This week’s news that the super-reclusive Sly Stone has signed a new record deal (an album is slated for release in 2010) follows a tentative two year-return to public life that has done nothing to diminish his reputation as one of music’s most bizarre, intriguing characters. And it’s not just the possibility of new Sly music that’s on the cards; two new documentaries are set to chart his stratopsheric rise and tragic fall when they hit screens over the next 12 months. You can watch trailers for both films here. In the meantime, let’s remind ourselves of a time when Sly & The Family Stone gave the love generation something to funk about.

“Stand” – Sly and The Family Stone
To buy the music of Sly Stone click HERE

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